Mariah Carey And Her Partner Bryan Tanaka Call It Quits

 December 26, 2023

After seven years together, Mariah Carey and her long-time partner, Bryan Tanaka, have ended their relationship.

The celebrity couple's separation was confirmed through an Instagram post by Bryan Tanaka, citing mutual respect and gratitude for their shared years.

The news of Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka's split comes after recent speculations about their relationship status. Reports last week suggested the couple, who have been in the public eye for their romantic connection, were no longer together. This speculation was confirmed when Tanaka, a former backup dancer for Carey, publicly acknowledged their breakup.

Reflecting on a Shared Journey

In his Instagram post, Tanaka expressed mixed emotions regarding their separation. He highlighted the "seven extraordinary years" the couple shared and the mutual respect and gratitude they hold for each other despite deciding to part ways.

"Our decision to embark on different paths is mutual, and as we navigate these separate journeys, we do so with profound respect and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the invaluable time we’ve shared."

Tanaka's post also emphasized Carey's dedication to her family and craft, acknowledging the inspiration she provided during their time together. He requested privacy and understanding from the public during this sensitive period.

Differing Life Goals Lead to Separation

According to a close source, the crux of their breakup was the couple's differing views on expanding their family. Tanaka reportedly wanted children, a path not aligned with Carey's current life goals.

Mariah Carey, already a mother to 12-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with her ex-husband Nick Cannon, has had a remarkable journey in her personal life. Her relationship timeline includes a marriage to Cannon, a failed engagement to James Packer, and a seven-year relationship with Tanaka, which began in 2016.

Their relationship history dates back to 2006, when Tanaka was a backup dancer during Carey's Adventures of Mimi tour. Despite a brief split in 2017, the couple had been together until the recent breakup. Tanaka often accompanied Carey on her annual Christmas trips, a tradition he was absent from this year.

End of an Era for a Power Couple

Speculations about their relationship intensified when Tanaka was notably absent from Carey's social media posts, including her Christmas tour this year. Their last public appearance on Carey's Instagram was almost a year ago.

This lack of public visibility fueled rumors about the status of their relationship, leading to the eventual confirmation of their breakup. The age difference between the couple, a 14-year gap, was also cited by sources as a contributing factor to their decision.

Bryan Tanaka's heartfelt Instagram post ended the couple's relationship in the public eye. His message highlighted their mutual admiration and connection since their first meeting in 2006.

"Something connected with us back in the day and there was just a mutual admiration. She saw something in me that I actually didn't recognize at first, from that it was over. It was set in history that we were gonna be connected some way, some how."

The couple's journey has been one marked by both public affection and private challenges, reflected in their decision to part ways amicably.

A Legacy of Love and Music

Mariah Carey, renowned for her music career, has often intertwined her personal life with her public persona. Her relationships have been a subject of media fascination, with each chapter adding to her storied legacy.

The breakup with Tanaka marks another chapter in Carey's life that, while ending on a note of mutual respect and understanding, signifies the constant evolution of her journey, both personally and professionally.

As Carey and Tanaka embark on separate paths, their shared history remains a testament to their connection and the impact of their relationship on their lives and careers.


  • Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka have ended their 7-year relationship.
  • The breakup was confirmed by Tanaka on Instagram, citing mutual respect and gratitude.
  • Differing views on starting a family, particularly Tanaka's desire for children, were key factors in their split.
  • Carey, already a mother to twins, has had a dynamic personal life, including marriages and engagements before Tanaka.
  • The couple's relationship dates back to their professional collaboration in 2006.
  • Despite a brief split in 2017, they remained together until recently, often sharing their life on social media.

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