Man Who Crashed Into Biden’s Motorcade Charged With DUI

 December 18, 2023

A disturbing incident occurred in Wilmington, Delaware, involving President Biden's motorcade and a civilian vehicle.

In a startling event on Sunday night, a man crashed his car into a vehicle in President Biden's motorcade, resulting in DUI and inattentive driving charges.

An unforeseen accident occurred while President Biden was visiting his campaign headquarters for the 2024 elections. The incident happened on a quiet Wilmington street, a frequent destination for the President since his election.

Unexpected Turn of Events Near Campaign Headquarters

As President Biden was concluding his visit, the tranquility of the night was shattered. A vehicle driven by 46-year-old James Cooper collided with a car in the presidential motorcade. Notably, the vehicle hit was not the one transporting the President.

Following the crash, there was a swift response. Security protocols were enacted immediately, ensuring President Biden's safety. He was quickly ushered into another vehicle, underscoring the efficiency of his security detail.

Police investigations led to the identification of the driver responsible for the collision. James Cooper, a resident of Wilmington, was behind the wheel. His actions post-collision indicated a possible impairment, leading to his arrest and subsequent charges.

Charges and Investigations Follow Collision

James Cooper now faces serious legal repercussions. He has been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and inattentive driving. This raises concerns about road safety and the responsibilities of drivers.

The Wilmington Police conducted a thorough investigation into the incident. Their findings led to the conclusion that the collision was accidental. However, given the involvement of the presidential motorcade, the gravity of the situation cannot be understated.

"Following our investigation, Wilmington Police have determined that this was an accidental collision, and have charged the driver of the striking vehicle — a 46-year-old Wilmington man — with Driving a Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol and Inattentive Driving."

Presidential Visits and Security Protocols

President Biden's frequent trips to Wilmington have become a routine part of his presidency. These visits, while routine, involve extensive security measures to ensure his safety and the well-being of those around him.

The incident on Sunday night raises questions about the security protocols in place during presidential visits. It underscores the unpredictability of such events and the constant vigilance required by the Secret Service and local law enforcement.

In response to the incident, a Secret Service spokesperson emphasized the accidental nature of the collision. They assured the public that there was no security threat to the President. The professionalism and quick action of the Secret Service and local police were evident in how swiftly they responded to the situation.

Community Reaction and Road Safety Concerns

The local community in Wilmington expressed shock and concern following the incident. This event highlights the critical importance of road safety, especially in areas frequently visited by high-profile individuals like President Biden.

Authorities are now using this incident as a cautionary tale. They urge drivers to adhere to road safety rules strictly, highlighting the potential consequences of negligence and impairment while driving.

President Biden’s consistent choice of Wilmington as a visiting spot reflects his connection to the city. However, this incident has highlighted the challenges and risks associated with presidential movements in public areas.


While the President was not in harm's way during the collision, the event has led to a review of security protocols. Ensuring the President's safety remains a top priority for the Secret Service and local law enforcement agencies.

  • A car crash involving President Biden's motorcade occurred in Wilmington, Delaware.
  • James Cooper, 46, was charged with DUI and inattentive driving following the collision.
  • The Wilmington Police classified the incident as an accidental collision.
  • Security measures during President Biden’s visits to Wilmington are under review.
  • The incident highlights the importance of road safety and adherence to driving regulations.

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