Malmstrom Air Base Was On Lockdown After Threats Of ‘Active Shooter’

By Victor Winston, updated on February 15, 2024

Malmstrom Air Base in Montana found itself at the center of high tension Thursday morning, issuing an urgent lockdown in response to an active shooter alert.

The alert, prompted by the appearance of a 'suspicious person' on base, resulted in a lockdown even amidst a scheduled training exercise, with the situation resolving without any shots fired or injuries.

The incident commenced at 10:29 AM CST, setting the base and surrounding community on high alert. Despite the coinciding training exercise, the Air Force was quick to clarify the gravity of the situation, affirming its real-world implications. The base, a hive of activity and a crucial part of national defense, was suddenly stilled, and its personnel and the local community were thrust into uncertainty.

Swift Response to Active Shooter Alert

Local law enforcement agencies, including the Great Falls Police Department and the Cascade County Sheriff/Coroner's Office, promptly converged on the scene. Their presence, a testament to the seriousness with which the alert was taken, underscored the well-coordinated response to potential threats against national security.

The base communication channels buzzed with the news:

Malmstrom AFB has lifted the base lockdown and has returned to FPCON Bravo as of 12:39 p.m., local." Following this, a sense of relief washed over the community, even as the Air Base confirmed, "A suspicious person was reported on base as an active shooter. There were no confirmed shots fired and there are no casualties or injuries reported.

This swift return to normalcy did not diminish the need for vigilance, with an ongoing investigation promptly initiated. The incident tested the base's security protocols, demonstrating the efficiency and preparedness of military and civilian law enforcement bodies in managing potential crises.

Community and Leadership Rally in Support

The local schools' response, advising shelters in place, highlighted the community's unity in facing threats. Montana's political leaders mirrored this solidarity. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, Senator Jon Tester, and Congressman Matt Rosendale each voiced their concern and ongoing attention to the situation, reinforcing the bond between the military establishment and its civilian counterparts.

The involvement of high-profile figures underscored the incident's significance, reflecting a collective commitment to safety and security. Their communication with General Hronek, the base's leadership, and the public played a vital role in managing the situation transparently and efficiently.

In conclusion, Malmstrom Air Force Base's ordeal began with an active shooter alert and concluded without physical harm, highlighting the base's preparedness and the tight-knit response of the surrounding community. The incident—a false alarm triggered by a suspicious individual—underscores the ever-present need for vigilance in maintaining national security. As the investigation continues, the event serves as a reminder of the challenges military installations face and the importance of seamless coordination between military and civilian agencies in safeguarding our nation.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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