Louisiana Spites Biden With Constitutional Carry Laws On The Books

By Victor Winston, updated on March 5, 2024

Louisiana has taken a bold step toward expanding gun rights.

Louisiana is now the 28th state to permit residents to carry concealed firearms without needing a permit, following a law signed by Republican Governor Jeff Landry.

This significant move aligns Louisiana with a growing national trend toward embracing "Constitutional Carry" laws, which has sparked considerable debate across the political spectrum.

Under the new legislation, Senate Bill 1, residents 18 years and older in Louisiana are entitled to carry concealed firearms without a permit. This measure, backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), underscores a pivotal shift in the state’s approach to gun ownership and rights.

The bill's signing into law marks a momentous occasion for advocates of gun rights, with Louisiana now joining the ranks of states that have adopted similar laws.

Governor Landry, expressing his fulfillment of a campaign promise, emphasized this legislation's significance to Louisiana's citizens. He lauded the swift action taken to secure what he views as a fundamental right for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves without governmental interference.

The Debate Surrounding Constitutional Carry

While proponents of the law, including the NRA, hail it as a victory for liberty and self-defense, critics raise concerns about the potential implications for public safety. They argue that removing the permit requirement could lead to increased gun violence and accidents. This contentious debate highlights the deep divides in American society regarding gun control and rights.

Despite these concerns, supporters argue the law will empower law-abiding citizens to better protect themselves and potentially deter crime. The law explicitly prohibits carrying concealed firearms in certain sensitive locations, such as schools and the state Capitol, maintaining some level of control over where guns can be carried.

The passage of Senate Bill 1 was significantly influenced by the NRA's advocacy and the support of key Louisiana legislators. Republican State Senator Blake Miguez and House Speaker Pro Tempore Mike T. Johnson played critical roles in the law’s swift passage, exemplifying the concerted effort among legislators to advance this cause.

Reflecting on the Path to Enactment

The journey to enacting Senate Bill 1 into law was marked by a rapid process, completed within just two months of Governor Landry’s inauguration. This swift legislative action reflects the prioritization of gun rights in the governor's agenda and the effective mobilization of support among lawmakers and gun rights advocates.

NRA-ILA Executive Director Randy Kozuch said:

This victory is a shining example of what can be achieved when freedom-loving legislators in both the House and the Senate work in unison. Our deepest gratitude goes to Sen. Blake Miguez and House Speaker Pro Tempore Mike Johnson for their pivotal roles in spearheading this life-saving legislation and expeditiously moving it to the Governor's desk.

The enactment of this law comes against the backdrop of a broader national shift toward Constitutional Carry states. With Louisiana’s addition, most U.S. states now recognize the right to carry concealed firearms without a permit, marking a significant moment in the country’s gun rights landscape.

Louisiana's new law takes effect on July 4th, symbolizing a celebration of independence and the state's affirmation of its citizens' Second Amendment rights. This law represents a complex interplay between individual rights, public safety, and governmental authority, highlighting the ongoing national conversation about the role of firearms in American society.


Louisiana has embarked on a new chapter in its approach to gun rights by allowing residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit. This move, signed into law by Governor Jeff Landry, positions the state within a growing trend toward Constitutional Carry laws in the United States.

While the law has garnered support from advocates of gun rights, it also faces criticism from those concerned about its impact on public safety. The law's enactment reflects a significant achievement for its proponents and marks another point in the ongoing debate over the balance between individual rights and collective security in America.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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