Lloyd Austin Confesses To Congress That It’s Common To Go Days Without Speaking To Biden

 March 1, 2024

In a startling revelation to Congress, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin admitted a surprising norm within the upper echelons of American leadership.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin testified to Congress about not informing President Joe Biden of his hospitalization for three days, raising questions about communication and decision-making processes within the administration.

The crux of the matter unfolded during a congressional hearing, where Austin disclosed it was not uncommon for him to go days without direct communication with President Joe Biden.

This admission came amidst particularly tense scrutiny over the absence of direct communication between the Secretary and the President, potentially impacting national security and military operations. The hearing focused on Austin's failure to inform Biden about his hospitalization, a lapse that occurred against the backdrop of ongoing global conflicts.

Questions Arise Over Communication Gaps in Administration

Austin's argument that such communication gaps could happen due to travel schedules did little to quell the concerns raised during the hearing. The testimony highlighted a possible gap in the critical chain of command. House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers labeled the lack of notice about Austin's absence as "very concerning" and "disturbing." These events underscore the potential risks to military operations and national security.

During the hearing, questions were raised about whether the president was aloof or if Austin was irrelevant, to which Austin responded that neither was true. He insisted on his participation in critical decision-making processes. However, this did not fully address concerns about the operational readiness and communication protocols within the highest levels of the U.S. defense establishment.

“Wars were raging in Ukraine and Israel. Our ships were under fire in the Red Sea. And our bases were bracing for attack in Syria and Iraq. But the commander in chief did not know that his Secretary of Defense was out of action,” said Mike Rogers.

The Impact of Communication Lapses on National Security

Given the backdrop of multiple global conflicts, the timing of Austin's hospitalization and the subsequent delay in informing the president was particularly critical. These included wars in Ukraine and Israel, with U.S. military assets under threat in various locations, including the Red Sea, and bases in Syria and Iraq.

A preauthorized U.S. military strike on Iranian-backed militia in Iraq took place during this period, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the potential consequences of the communication breakdown.

Rogers also suggested that the incident indicated the White House's political staff might be leading on national security matters rather than seasoned defense professionals. This assertion points to a concerning trend where political considerations could overshadow strategic military advice and decision-making.

Reflecting on the Implications of the Testimony

The testimony of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to Congress has shed light on significant concerns regarding the communication and decision-making processes within the U.S. administration, especially in the context of national security. The revelation that it is common for Austin to go days without speaking to President Joe Biden, particularly during a period marked by global conflicts and military operations, raises questions about the effectiveness of the current chain of command.

The criticism from House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers emphasizes the potential risks to military operations and the importance of seamless communication between the president and his defense secretary. As the administration moves forward, it will be crucial to address these concerns to ensure that gaps in communication or decision-making do not compromise national security.

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