Lizzo Lawyers Ask Judge To Toss Ex-Employee Case

 December 20, 2023

In a turn of events that contrasts sharply with the public persona of empowerment and inclusion she promotes, Lizzo, the pop star known for her activism, has been sued.

A lawsuit filed against pop star Lizzo by a former employee alleges workplace harassment and seeks legal redress.

The plaintiff, Asha Daniels, a fashion designer, has put forth allegations of workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination within Lizzo's team. The lawsuit, filed in California, points to a toxic environment, with Daniels specifically accusing Lizzo's wardrobe manager of mocking Black women through stereotypical impressions.

Former Employee Brings Allegations Against Lizzo’s Team

Asha Daniels, a fashion designer and former employee of Lizzo, has initiated legal action against the pop star. The lawsuit, filed in California, accuses Lizzo’s wardrobe manager of discriminatory behavior. Daniels alleges that the wardrobe manager made stereotypical impressions of Black women, a claim that has stirred controversy.

The lawsuit describes a disturbing environment for the performers. It includes allegations of the dancers being forced to change in front of a predominantly white, male stage crew. Moreover, performers were reportedly subjected to derogatory terms such as “fat,” “useless,” and “dumb,” further aggravating the accusations.

Daniels’ termination from her position followed her complaints about the workplace environment. This action has raised questions about the treatment of employees in the entertainment industry, particularly in high-profile settings like Lizzo's performances.

Legal Battle Centers on California Jurisdiction

Lizzo’s legal team has responded assertively to the lawsuit. They argue that the allegations are irrelevant to California, questioning the case's jurisdiction. This legal strategy suggests focusing on technicalities rather than the substance of the accusations.

The defense has labeled the allegations “meritless” and “defective,” indicating a strong stance against the claims. The motion to dismiss the lawsuit, seen last Friday, reflects a decisive move by Lizzo’s legal representatives to end the case swiftly.

Lizzo’s lawyers have also accused Daniels of “abandoning” her job, adding a layer of complexity to the case. This counter-claim could impact the perception of Daniels’ allegations and the overall narrative of the lawsuit.

Lizzo's Recent Advocacy Contrasts Lawsuit Claims

In a contrasting light, Lizzo has recently been seen as an advocate for inclusivity and acceptance. She brought drag queens on stage at her concert, protesting legislation that targets drag shows. This act of protest was covered by Breitbart News on April 24, 2023, and highlights Lizzo’s public stance on social issues.

Reflecting on her experiences, Daniels stated:

“I was listening to this Black woman on this huge stage have this message of self-love and caring for others and being empathetic and being strong and standing up for others. And I was witnessing myself, the dancers and the background vocalists, and my local team in every city be harassed and bullied regularly.”

“The buck stops with Lizzo,” said Ron Zambrano, Daniels’ lawyer, underlining the responsibility they believe Lizzo holds in the situation. The legal team representing Daniels appears determined to hold Lizzo accountable for the workplace environment.

Scrutiny on Workplace Conduct in the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has been under scrutiny for its workplace practices. This lawsuit against Lizzo adds to the ongoing dialogue about the treatment of employees, particularly those working behind the scenes. It raises important questions about balancing a creative work environment and respecting individual rights.

With the lawsuit gaining public attention, there is a growing curiosity about how the court will interpret these allegations. The legal battle between Asha Daniels and Lizzo is being closely watched, as it could have significant implications for employer-employee relationships in the entertainment sector.

As the case progresses, the public and legal experts keenly observe the developments. The outcome of this lawsuit could influence future legal cases and workplace policies in the entertainment industry.


The lawsuit against Lizzo spotlights critical issues surrounding workplace conduct in the entertainment industry.

  • Asha Daniels, a former employee, filed a lawsuit against Lizzo alleging harassment and discrimination.
  • The lawsuit claims discriminatory behavior and derogatory treatment of performers.
  • Lizzo’s legal team argues the case is unrelated to California and calls the allegations “meritless.”
  • Daniels’ termination after raising complaints adds complexity to the allegations.
  • The case highlights broader issues of workplace conduct in the entertainment industry.

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