Lincoln Project Co-Founder Says Biden Campaign In “Death Spiral”

 February 12, 2024

Steve Schmidt, a name synonymous with political strategy and co-founding the Lincoln Project, has raised alarms over President Joe Biden's re-election campaign.

In a grim analysis, Schmidt described Biden’s campaign as being in a "death spiral" with less than nine months to the 2024 election.

He painted a picture of a Democratic Party deeply entrenched in conformity at the expense of facing hard truths about Biden's electability, and he did not mince words about the perceived absurdity of Biden being the strongest candidate against Donald Trump.

Schmidt's commentary comes at a critical juncture for the Democratic Party, focusing on the recent missteps by the President and the lackluster response from the White House. He drew a parallel between Biden's current predicament and Lyndon Johnson's political turmoil in 1968, a comparison no incumbent would welcome. With a historical lens, Schmidt’s observations carry a weight of precedent that suggests the current administration's challenges are not trivial.

A narrative of concern was further bolstered by a press conference last week that was intended to alleviate concerns about Biden’s mental acuity. The effort backfired significantly, marking a low point when Biden mistakenly referred to the Egyptian President as the "president of Mexico." This incident, labeled a "political disaster" by The New York Times, only fueled the growing fire of skepticism surrounding Biden’s capability to serve.

Schmidt Critiques the Democratic Party's Support of Biden

In his scathing critique, Steve Schmidt also aimed the White House's response to these concerns. According to Schmidt, the defensive stance adopted by Biden's staff demonstrated a disconnect with the majority of Americans worried about the President's age and mental fitness. As Schmidt describes it, this belligerence does little to quell the rising anxiety among voters.

Schmidt expressed his views quite starkly:

There are 267 days left until election day. Pretending that everything is fine and ignoring what is clear is not okay. The White House staff is belligerent and angry at the overwhelming majority of the country that has a worry about the president's age.

Further compounding the issue is Biden’s apparent disengagement from more traditional communication channels with the public. For instance, choosing not to participate in the pre-Super Bowl interview for a second consecutive year singled Biden out as remote compared to his previous engagement on "60 Minutes" on October 15. This distancing, Schmidt contends, could have ramifications on public perception and voter confidence.

The Rising Prospect of Governor Wes Moore

Casting an eye to the future, Schmidt alludes to the increasing likelihood of an open Democratic convention and introduces Governor Wes Moore as a significant figure in the changing landscape. According to Schmidt, Moore represents the kind of leadership and freshness needed at a critical moment for the Democratic Party. Emphasizing the urgent need for a victory in the upcoming election, Schmidt frames the Democrats' situation as not only crucial for America but for the party's survival.

In summation, Steve Schmidt’s sobering analysis highlights several challenges facing President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party leading up to the 2024 election. His critique extends beyond Biden's gaffes to a broader concern about the party's stance and strategy.

Schmidt offers a cautionary tale of what he perceives as a disconnect between party leadership and the electorate's concerns. The mention of Governor Wes Moore as a figure of potential change underscores the search for new directions and strategies among Democrats. Schmidt's warnings about the campaign's current trajectory are a call to action, urging a reevaluation of tactics and possibly even leadership to secure both the party's and the country's future.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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