Legal Analyst And Jen Psaki ‘Freaking Out’ Over Trump Trial

 February 5, 2024

In a recent MSNBC segment, significant concern was raised by host Jen Psaki and her guests, legal analysts Neal Katyal and Andrew Weissman, over the delays in the trial of former President Donald Trump related to charges of attempting to overturn the election.

Delays in Donald Trump's trial have sparked significant concern among legal analysts, fearing the impact on the upcoming election could be undermined.

Analyzing the Implications of Trial Delays

The discussion, led by Psaki, revolved around the protracted legal process facing Trump, who has been charged with 91 felony counts. The concern is not just about the charges but the timing, as the delays could potentially affect the election's outcome. An NBC News poll highlighted this concern, showing a potential swing in the election results depending on Trump's conviction status.

Neal Katyal, known for his composed legal analysis, expressed an unusual level of concern, indicating he has reached the "freakout stage" due to the delays. His anxiety stems from the belief that the American public deserves to know the legal standing of a presidential candidate before casting their votes.

Neal Katyal stated:

I am officially now at the freakout stage... justice delayed is justice denied... I can’t imagine a more compelling need for speed than the idea that American citizens deserve to know before the election whether a candidate for office is a felon and an insurrectionist.

Legal Experts Criticize the Judicial Process

Andrew Weissman, aligning with Katyal's perspective, criticized the handling of the cases, particularly pointing fingers at the DC Circuit and Judge Cannon in Florida for the pace at which Trump's legal challenges are being processed.

Both analysts believe that the claims made by Trump's defense are not only baseless but are being unfairly advantaged by the procedural delays.

The criticism extends beyond the legal analysts to a broader concern about the integrity of the judicial process. It's emphasized that these delays could inadvertently influence the democratic process by keeping crucial information from the voters.

The Impact on the Upcoming Election

This situation has raised eyebrows not only among legal circles but also among the general public. The notion that a candidate's eligibility and legality could remain uncertain up until election day is troubling. According to Katyal and Weissman, the delays benefit Trump, allowing him to navigate the election cycle under a cloud of legal ambiguity.

The dialogue between Psaki, Katyal, and Weissman captures a collective anxiety about the timing of justice. It underscores a broader concern for the American electoral process and the precedence it sets for future legal battles involving political figures.

Concerns Over Delays in Donald Trump's Election Trial

Host Jen Psaki and legal analysts Neal Katyal and Andrew Weissman discussed on MSNBC the concerns over delays in former President Donald Trump's trial for charges related to attempting to overturn the election results.

These delays are feared to potentially influence the upcoming election's integrity, with Neal Katyal expressing he's reached a "freakout stage," stressing the public's right to know a candidate's legal status before voting.

Criticism is directed at the judicial process, particularly the DC Circuit and Judge Cannon in Florida, for allowing procedural delays that could keep vital information from voters, casting a shadow over the democratic process.

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