LeBron James' Business Partner Admitted to Betting on NBA Games

 November 30, 2023

In a surprising revelation, Maverick Carter, the business partner and manager of NBA superstar LeBron James, admitted to federal agents that he engaged in sports betting through an illegal bookie.

Maverick Carter's involvement in sports betting, though not illegal or against NBA rules, raises questions about the integrity of sports management.

Carter, a prominent figure in the sports industry due to his association with LeBron James, found himself entangled in a federal investigation in 2021. This investigation focused on illegal betting activities conducted through bookie Wayne Nix.

Insight into the Federal Investigation

The inquiry was not primarily aimed at Carter but at Wayne Nix, an illegal offshore bookie. Carter became a part of this investigation due to his betting activities with Nix. Over time, he placed approximately 20 bets, each ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.

While it's unclear if Carter bet on games involving the Los Angeles Lakers, where LeBron plays, his role as James' business manager and not his agent shielded him from violating any NBA gambling policies.

Carter's engagement in these activities came to light during a single interview with federal agents. Despite the scale of his betting, Carter was neither charged with any wrongdoing nor further contacted about the matter.

A Complex Legal and Ethical Scenario

The legal aspects of Carter's actions are nuanced. At the time of his betting, sports betting was not legalized in 38 states, including the District of Columbia. His admission to federal agents about these activities did not lead to charges, indicating a complex legal landscape around sports betting.

A spokesperson for Carter and James stated:

"In 2021 and before 38 states and the District of Columbia legalized sports betting, Maverick Carter was interviewed a single time by federal law enforcement regarding their investigation into Wayne Nix. Mr. Carter was not the target of the investigation, cooperated, was never charged and never contacted again on the matter."

This statement underscores the legal ambiguity around Carter's betting activities and his cooperative stance during the investigation.

Repercussions and Public Perception

Despite the legal clarity, the ethical implications of Carter's actions have sparked debates. Being closely associated with an NBA superstar, his betting activities, although legal, might be viewed as a conflict of interest by some.

Carter's acknowledgment of these bets, though not leading to legal consequences, has certainly raised questions about the transparency and integrity within sports management circles.

The news of Carter's admission comes at a time when Wayne Nix, the bookie involved, has pleaded guilty to running an illegal offshore book. This adds another layer of complexity to the story, intertwining Carter's actions with a broader narrative of illegal sports betting.

The Implications for Sports Betting and Management

The case of Maverick Carter illustrates the evolving nature of sports betting laws in the United States. With the gradual legalization of sports betting across various states, the line between legal and illegal betting activities becomes increasingly blurred.

This incident also highlights the delicate balance sports managers and agents must maintain in their personal and professional activities, especially when involved with high-profile athletes.

While Carter did not face any legal repercussions, his actions have certainly brought attention to the need for clear ethical guidelines in sports betting, especially for individuals in influential positions within the sports industry.


  • Maverick Carter admitted to federal agents about betting on sports through an illegal bookie.
  • Carter was not charged and did not violate NBA rules.
  • The investigation was primarily against bookie Wayne Nix, who pleaded guilty.
  • Carter's betting activities raise ethical concerns in sports management.
  • The case reflects the changing landscape of sports betting laws in the US.

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