Lawsuit Launched By Texas And Kansas AGs Against Biden's Gun Control Regulation

 May 2, 2024

In a bold legal challenge, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Kansas AG Kris Kobach are taking a stand against President Joe Biden's administration's newly proposed firearms regulations.

This lawsuit aims to stop the expansion of federal licensing and background checks into some private gun sales. During a press conference at the Frisco Gun Club, its announcement marked a significant escalation in the battle over gun control measures.

Fox News reported that both AGs argue that these measures infringe upon citizens' constitutional rights, accusing the Biden administration of overstepping its boundaries with these new regulations.

Texas Historical Rallying Cry Revoked in Gun Rights Defense

At the heart of their argument, Paxton prominently cited the phrase "Come and take it." This resurrects a rallying call with deep historical roots in Texas's fight for independence during the Battle of Gonzales in 1835. This statement underscores the depth of resistance against perceived federal overreach.

The new ATF policy, cited by the lawsuit, mandates that individuals who predominantly sell guns for profit must register as licensed dealers. This regulation extends to all transactions, regardless of where they occur, fundamentally changing the landscape for private gun sellers and buyers.

Paxton and Kobach see this expansion of requirements as an aggressive move by the Biden administration to undermine Second Amendment rights. They argue that it casts a shadow of criminal suspicion over law-abiding gun owners who engage in private sales.

Paxton Denounces Biden's Administration Over Gun Control

Ken Paxton didn't mince words about the implications of these regulations. He views them as an overreach by the federal government to erode the Constitutional rights granted to American citizens.

Here's how Ken Paxton expressed his objections:

Yet again, Joe Biden is weaponizing the federal bureaucracy to rip up the Constitution and destroy our citizens’ Second Amendment rights. This is a dramatic escalation of his tyrannical abuse of authority. With today’s lawsuit, it is my great honor to defend our Constitutionally-protected freedoms from the out-of-control federal government.

The inflammatory rhetoric aims to draw a clear line in the sand between state rights and federal controls, a recurrent theme in U.S. legal history, particularly concerning gun legislation. The filled-with-significance phrase "Come and take it" at the press conference was not just a nod to history but a declaration of defiance and protection of Texan liberties.

Broad Implications of the ATF Regulation

While no broad consensus exists on the impact of these regulations, proponents argue that increasing oversight on private sales is a critical step in preventing firearms from falling into the wrong hands. Opponents, represented by Paxton and Kobach, consider it an undue burden on lawful gun owners and a slippery slope towards more stringent firearms control.

Historical precedents such as the revolution-invoking "Come and take it" statement pose significant cultural resistance in regions with a strong tradition of gun ownership, like Texas. The phrase, historically tied to the rebels’ defense in the Texas Revolution, encapsulates the enduring spirit of resistance against perceived tyranny—a sentiment Paxton leverages to bolster opposition against the ATF's current stance.

As this legal battle heads to court, the stark division on gun control within the United States is cast into sharp relief. The outcome may well set precedents affecting the future of federal regulatory power over firearms and the continuous tug-of-war over the boundaries of the Second Amendment.

In conclusion, this lawsuit concerns the specifics of the ATF regulation and larger questions of constitutional rights and federal authority. The spirited response indicated by the rallying cry "Come and take it" might resonate widely, impacting this legal battle and future discussions on gun rights in America.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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