Las Vegas Woman Shoots Pastor In His Home Driveway, In Front Of Family

 January 25, 2024

In a shocking incident that has rocked the community, a Las Vegas pastor was killed in a violent encounter right in front of his family.

Nick Davi, a pastor, lost his life in a confrontation with his neighbor, which also left his wife injured.

46-year-old Pastor Nick Davi of Grace Point Church met a tragic end on December 29th. The deadly shooting, carried out by his 36-year-old neighbor, Joe Junio, also resulted in injuries to his wife, Sarah Davi. This horrifying event culminated from weeks of escalating harassment allegedly instigated by Junio.

The dispute between the Davi family and Junio reportedly began over the latter's keeping of chickens and dogs. The Davi family had filed a complaint with their homeowner's association, seemingly triggering the subsequent harassment. During the weeks leading up to the shooting, the Davi family endured a harrowing ordeal.

Escalating Tensions Lead to Tragic Outcome

It's reported that Junio's harassment included threats and disturbing actions. This included running her finger across her throat in a manner suggesting a violent threat. The Davi family, feeling unsafe, had to leave their home temporarily.

On the fateful day of December 29th, the Davi family returned home to retrieve belongings. It was during this visit that the confrontation with Junio turned deadly. The pastor was fatally shot, and his wife suffered wounds in the violent encounter. Their children, aged 12 and 15, were present during this traumatic event.

Adding to the tragedy, one of the Davi children captured the moment of the shooting in a disturbing image. The Davi family had previously experienced harassment in the form of feces and rocks thrown into their yard, flooding of their home, and repeated threats.

A Community Mourns and Seeks Justice

In the aftermath, Sarah Davi has taken legal action. She filed a wrongful death lawsuit seeking damages for the loss of her husband. The suit notably does not name the homeowner's association but highlights its potential awareness of Junio's propensity for violence.

The lawsuit's details are particularly poignant. It emphasizes the association's possible knowledge of Junio's likelihood of performing violent actions against the Davi family due to the ongoing dispute. This aspect of the legal battle underscores the complex dynamics of the tragic situation.

Joe Junio, now facing multiple criminal charges, including murder, reportedly used a firearm for which she did not have a permit during the shooting. The community is left reeling from this violent incident, mourning the loss of a respected pastor and grappling with the shocking nature of the crime.

Seeking Closure and Healing

The Davi family's ordeal and the loss of Pastor Nick Davi have had a profound impact on the Las Vegas community. A memorial service for the pastor was held in early January, drawing many who wished to pay their respects and offer support to the bereaved family.

While the criminal proceedings against Junio continue, the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Sarah Davi remains a pivotal part of this tragic story. It reflects her quest for justice and closure following the traumatic loss of her husband.

The case is a stark reminder of the consequences of unresolved disputes and the potential for violence in everyday disagreements. As the community mourns, many are left to wonder how a disagreement over animals could escalate to such a devastating outcome.


The tragic shooting of Pastor Nick Davi, the subsequent wounding of his wife Sarah, and the alarming harassment leading up to the event have deeply affected the Las Vegas community. The ongoing legal battles and the quest for justice continue to unfold as the Davi family and their supporters seek closure in the wake of this senseless tragedy. The impact of this incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of addressing disputes peacefully and the devastating consequences when they escalate beyond control.

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