Lara Trump Would Be ‘Honored’ To Step Into RNC Co-Chair Role

 February 19, 2024

In a political landscape brimming with anticipation, Lara Trump sets her sights on an influential Republican role.

Lara Trump expressed her optimism about becoming the next co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

A Family Affair in Republican Leadership

Lara Trump, married to Eric Trump and a known figure in Republican circles, has stepped into the spotlight with a confident bid for the RNC co-chair position. Her candidacy is not just about taking a role; it's a statement of intent to rejuvenate a party looking to recapture the White House. Speculation about Lara's ambitions for the RNC gained traction after receiving a notable endorsement from her father-in-law, Donald Trump.

The former president's support for Lara Trump and Michael Whatley as RNC chair underscores his enduring influence within the party infrastructure. This potential shift in leadership comes at a critical time, with the November election looming and the party's determination to address what Lara describes as the nation's "bad leadership." In her view, the RNC's effectiveness is paramount in securing a presidential campaign victory, and her role could be pivotal in steering the party's direction.

Well, the committee has to ultimately vote me in. If that’s what they decide to do, I would be honored to have this position, because … I think there’s no time to waste. We have 10 months to go really before what I think we can all feel right now in this country … is the most important election any of us have ever seen.

Pledging Integrity and Vigorous Fund-Raising

Amidst the backdrop of her familial connections and the party's embrace, Lara Trump is clear about her priorities. She has committed to focusing on election integrity—a subject of significant debate among Republican circles—and to marshaling resources for a robust fund-raising campaign. Her unwavering support for Donald Trump's re-election bid is evident, with a promise to direct all RNC funds to support his campaign.

Despite the legal challenges facing Donald Trump, with 91 criminal charges spanning four indictments and several civil lawsuits, Lara Trump remains undeterred. She dismisses the potential impact of these indictments on his political prospects, confident in his vitality and determination.

"He's going forward because I think he knows ... he is truly the only person who can do the job that we need to bring this country back, to put us back on the right track, to stabilize the world," she stated, emphasizing the urgency of his return to leadership.

The Quest for a Stable World Under Conservative Watch

Lara Trump's campaign for the RNC co-chair is not just a quest for a role but a reflection of a larger conservative mission—to reclaim a sense of stability both domestically and globally. She attributes current world destabilization to poor leadership at the highest levels and sees her father-in-law as the solution. Lara's commitment to the RNC and its crucial function in winning presidential campaigns hints at a strategic overhaul under her potential leadership.

With a clear message and a rallying cry for party unity and purpose, Lara Trump is positioning herself as a key player in what she deems an election of unparalleled importance. Her focus on election integrity and strategic fund-raising is poised to invigorate the Republican base and to ensure that "nothing is left to chance." As she stated, "We really have to hit this thing head-on," signaling a readiness to confront the challenges ahead with a blend of determination and political savvy.


Lara Trump's bid for the RNC co-chairmanship signals a new chapter in Republican leadership, closely aligned with the vision of Donald Trump. Her optimism and commitment to the role are matched by a sense of urgency for the upcoming November election, which she believes is crucial for reversing the course of the nation's leadership. Her pledge to focus on election integrity and fund-raising demonstrates a strategic approach to support Donald Trump's re-election despite his legal entanglements.

Lara's campaign underscores the significance of the RNC in securing presidential victories and suggests a potential reshaping of the committee's future under her guidance. It remains to be seen if the RNC will rally behind her, but her intent is clear—to lead with conviction and to ensure the Republican Party is primed for success in what she considers the most crucial election to date.

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