LA Times Editorial Board Demands Biden Push For Cease-Fire

By Victor Winston, updated on November 19, 2023

The escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas has reached a critical juncture. The Los Angeles Times editorial board, in a recent publication, has made a resounding order for an immediate cease-fire from the Biden administration to halt the ongoing hostilities that commenced with Hamas launching terrorist attacks on Israel on October 7.

Amidst the turmoil and destruction, the board strongly advocates for U.S. President Joe Biden to exert pressure on Israel to cease its military actions, which have reportedly led to over 11,000 Gazan casualties.

The Los Angeles Times editorial board has strongly criticized the Israeli government's approach in its conflict with Hamas. They argue that the distinction between military operations targeting Hamas militants and the inadvertent killing of Palestinian civilians has become blurred. This blurring of lines has led to a humanitarian crisis that they believe necessitates a cease-fire.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Draws Global Attention

While acknowledging Hamas as a "radical militant organization," the board maintains that the actions of Hamas do not justify the scale of Israel's military response.

The editorial board has emphasized that the atrocities committed by Hamas do not excuse similar actions in return. They urge for a more measured approach that avoids further civilian casualties, Fox News reported.

The devastation in Gaza is extensive. Following the initial attacks by Hamas, Israel advised residents in the northern part of Gaza to evacuate their homes. There was no guarantee given by Israeli authorities about the residents' ability to return. This has raised concerns about the long-term displacement of Gazan civilians.

In response to the Hamas attacks, Israel's military actions have resulted in widespread destruction. Residential areas have been devastated, with homes destroyed and essential services such as power and communication infrastructure severely damaged. This has significantly hindered the efforts of survivors to search for loved ones amidst the rubble.

Divergent Views Among U.S. Politicians on Cease-Fire

In the United States, the call for a cease-fire has sparked a debate among politicians. Representative Jamaal Bowman faced criticism for his remarks linking support for a cease-fire with Jewish values. His comments have stirred a conversation about the diverse perspectives within the Jewish community regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been vocal about her support for a cease-fire, citing grave violations against children as a primary concern. Her stance reflects a growing sentiment among certain segments of U.S. politicians who prioritize humanitarian considerations in the conflict.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, however, has expressed a different view. During an appearance on "The View" in early November, Clinton rejected the calls for a cease-fire, instead advocating for "humanitarian pauses." This perspective aligns with a more traditional approach to managing the conflict, focusing on temporary respites rather than a complete halt to hostilities.

International Community Awaits Biden Administration's Response

The Biden administration's stance on this issue is currently unknown, as the President's press office has not responded to requests for comment. This silence from the White House has added to the uncertainty and anticipation about the U.S. government's position on the conflict.

In their editorial, the Los Angeles Times board expressed their view unequivocally, "We are past the time to excuse the horror in Gaza. Biden has to press Netanyahu hard to stop the mass, indiscriminate killing. That starts with a call for a cease-fire."

This statement encapsulates the urgency and gravity of the situation as perceived by the editorial board. Their call for action reflects a growing concern about the humanitarian impact of the conflict and the need for immediate intervention to prevent further loss of life.

Escalating Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Raises Alarms

The human cost of the conflict in Gaza has been severe. The reported death toll of over 11,000 Gazans, including civilians, has drawn international attention and condemnation. The destruction of homes and infrastructure has not only caused immediate suffering but also raised concerns about the long-term prospects for peace and stability in the region.

The Los Angeles Times editorial board's call for a cease-fire is rooted in these humanitarian concerns. They argue that the current approach by Israel, while aimed at neutralizing Hamas, is causing disproportionate harm to Palestinian civilians. This, they believe, necessitates a reevaluation of strategy and a push toward de-escalation.

The debate within the U.S. political sphere reflects a broader conversation about the role of the United States in international conflicts, especially those involving long-standing allies like Israel. The differing views among politicians highlight the complexity of the issue and the challenge of forging a consensus on the best path forward.


In conclusion, the Los Angeles Times editorial board has taken a firm stance in demanding a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. Their call is grounded in the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the need for the Biden administration to intervene decisively. As the world watches, the evolving situation in Gaza and the response of the international community, particularly the United States, will be crucial in determining the course of this conflict.

  • The LA Times editorial board calls for an immediate cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • There is a growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with over 11,000 reported casualties.
  • U.S. politicians are divided on the issue, with some supporting a cease-fire and others advocating for continued military action.
  • The Biden administration has yet to respond to the situation, adding to the uncertainty of the U.S. stance.

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