LA Governor John Bel Edwards Leaving Governorship To Practice Law

 January 4, 2024

A significant transition is underway in the political and legal landscape of Louisiana.

John Bel Edwards, the outgoing governor of Louisiana, is set to join the law firm Fishman Haygood, LLP as an attorney focusing on renewable energy, starting January 8.

Having served the state with distinction, Edwards is returning to his law roots. Before his governorship, he was known as an accomplished attorney. His move marks a return to the legal profession, specifically emphasizing renewable energy.

Edwards’ Legal Expertise Shines in New Role

At Fishman Haygood, Edwards will collaborate with the business and litigation teams. This integration underlines the firm’s commitment to expanding its renewable energy portfolio. Edwards' expertise in energy policy, honed during his gubernatorial tenure, is a valuable asset to the firm.

A statement from Fishman Haygood highlighted their enthusiasm for Edwards joining their team. They emphasized his alignment with their current renewable energy and efficiency projects.

As the firm prepares to navigate the complexities of renewable energy law, Edwards’ experience as a state leader and his role in transitioning Louisiana to newer energy models make him an ideal fit.

Renewable Energy: A New Frontier for Edwards

The focus on renewable energy is not just a professional choice for Edwards; it reflects a broader trend. As the world shifts towards sustainable energy sources, legal expertise in this domain is increasingly sought after.

Edwards' decision to focus on renewable energy is a strategic move. It aligns with global shifts towards sustainability and the increasing legal complexities surrounding this sector.

His role at Fishman Haygood involves guiding and advising on several energy deals. These include not only renewable energy projects but also efficiency initiatives.

Edwards’ Homecoming to Tangipahoa Parish

Alongside his professional transition, Edwards is also returning to his familial roots. After leaving office, he plans to move back to Tangipahoa Parish with his family. This move symbolizes a full circle for Edwards. His career journey, from an attorney to a governor and back to law, is complemented by his return to his home parish. Edwards’ commitment to his family and community remains unwavering. His return to Tangipahoa Parish is a testament to his deep roots in Louisiana.

The company is engaged in multiple renewable energy and efficiency projects. Given Edwards' status as a state leader and his experience in transitioning the state to new energy models, he is expected to seamlessly integrate into the firm's efforts.

As Edwards prepares for this new chapter, his legacy as Governor remains. His efforts in promoting renewable energy and efficiency in Louisiana have set a precedent for future administrations.

The shift from public service to private practice is a significant one for Edwards. It reflects a trend among public figures seeking to leverage their experience in the private sector, particularly in growing important areas like renewable energy.


Given his background and the firm's focus, Edwards' transition to Fishman Haygood is poised to be seamless. It represents a new phase in his career, merging his legal acumen with his passion for sustainable energy.

  • John Bel Edwards is transitioning from Governor of Louisiana to a legal career with Fishman Haygood, LLP, focusing on renewable energy.
  • His role will involve working with the firm’s business and litigation teams on renewable energy and efficiency projects.
  • Edwards’ experience in energy policy as governor makes him a natural fit for this new role.
  • He will move back to Tangipahoa Parish with his family after leaving office.

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