Key Swing-State Democrats Stray Away from President Biden

 May 21, 2024

The political climate appears volatile for some Democrats in swing states. They are recalibrating their reelection strategies amidst concerns regarding President Joe Biden's popularity.

Breitbart News reported that several Democratic senators are now distancing themselves from President Biden as they campaign, seeing his current political challenges as a liability in crucial state races.

Swing States: A Political Battleground in Upcoming Elections

Ohio, Montana, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland are shaping up as crucial battlegrounds. The Senate races may very well dictate the upper chamber's political balance, which is currently tipped slightly in the Republicans' favor.

Former President Donald Trump continues to enjoy robust support among Hispanic, black, and young voters in these pivotal regions. This demographic dynamic might challenge Democrats wanting to maintain or extend their influence.

The results from a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll are not helping the Democratic cause; they expose significant skepticism regarding Biden's mental fitness and the popularity of his administrative decisions. This turbulence is primarily attributed to several high-profile policy sectors.

Senators Voice Concerns Over Biden’s Leadership

Senators such as Jacky Rosen from Nevada leverage a balanced approach. Regarding her alignment with the president, she states, "Some of it I’ve agreed with the president, not afraid to stand up to him when it’s not right for Nevada." Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania expressed his reservations:

There are numerous occasions where I don’t agree with administration policy. LNG is the most recent example as well as the decision [Biden] made about arms transfer to Israel.

Further west, Senator Jon Tester from Montana emphasized his political identity and his strategic separateness from the President. This sentiment underscores a broader trend where some Democrats seek a personalized reelection narrative over a straight party line. Senator Tester said:

Biden’s running his race, I’m running mine. I’ve got a good brand, people understand who I am, and we got to remind them who I am and what I’ve accomplished and what I intend to accomplish. They really are separate races.

Physical Health and Policy Impact on Voter Sentiment

Adding to the concerns about Biden's age and mental fitness are the visible adjustments made to his routines owing to physical health issues like atrial fibrillation and peripheral neuropathy.

Such changes—like altered methods for boarding Air Force One and different footwear choices—mirror concerns about his overall vigor for the presidency.

This issue of physical capability ties into broader worries over inflation. Despite a peak in June 2022, the problem persists, with recent figures marking a rise to 3.5 percent as of March 2024. These economic pressures are palpable among voters, further complicating the Democrats' narrative as they head into an election cycle.

An anonymous senator's comments capture the broader frustration: "If you go out there and do a focus group, the focus groups all say, ‘He’s 200 years old. You got to be kidding me,'" "And the worst part about it is for unaffiliated voters or people that haven’t made up their mind, they look at this and say: ‘You have to be kidding us. These are our choices?’ And they indict us for not taking it seriously." “We’ll see how much gravity we can defy.”

Democrats face manifold challenges in the upcoming elections. Concerns surrounding Biden's leadership on immigration, energy, and the economy are prominent in the minds of voters and candidates alike. Some party members' distancing strategy highlights a tactical shift aiming to secure their political future amid a volatile national mood.


The Democratic senators' strategic distancing from Biden reflects a broader uncertainty within the party about the forthcoming elections. Their approaches to campaign rhetoric and policy critiques underscore an effort to align more closely with local voter sentiments than with the broader national party leadership.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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