Kevin Morris Claims There Was ‘No Ulterior Motive’ In Joe Giving Hunter Millions

 January 20, 2024

In a recent development that has caught the attention of many, Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, known for representing stars like Matthew McConaughey and Ellen DeGeneres, has been thrust into the limelight of a political inquiry. His testimony before the House impeachment investigation regarding his financial assistance to Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has raised many eyebrows.

The essence of Morris's testimony revolves around the millions of dollars he extended to Hunter Biden, asserting that his actions were purely driven by friendship, with no hidden motives or expectations of political favors.

Kicking off their acquaintance, Morris's involvement with Hunter Biden started shortly after he contributed to Joe Biden's presidential campaign. Since then, the lawyer's support for Hunter has been extensive, involving the settlement of IRS debts and a substantial loan of $4.9 million. Morris's role in Hunter's financial affairs didn't stop there; he also assumed control of Hunter's stake in the Chinese investment firm BHR Partners and played a pivotal part in the sale of Hunter's art to anonymous buyers, through a dealer with connections to China.

Morris's aid extended to the literary world as well, with his involvement in Hunter Biden's memoir. This multifaceted support has earned Morris the colloquial title of Hunter's "sugar brother" and fixer, a role he seems to have embraced wholeheartedly.

The Inquiry into Joe Biden's Financial Ties

The House impeachment inquiry, launched in 2022, investigates allegations that President Joe Biden might have financially benefited from Hunter Biden and other family members, Breitbart reported.

The inquiry aims to unravel the complexities of the Biden family's financial transactions and the extent of the President's involvement or gain from these dealings. Morris's testimony is a significant piece of this intricate puzzle.

Kevin Morris, in his testimony, emphasized the purity of his intentions in aiding Hunter Biden. He stated, "My only goal was and is to help my friend and client. In this country, there is no prohibition against helping a friend in need with no ulterior motive." This statement underscores his assertion that his financial support for Hunter was not a conduit for political favors or benefits from the Biden administration.

Morris further clarified his stance, distancing himself from any expectations of reciprocity from the President or his administration. He highlighted his confidence in Hunter's ability to repay the loans, although the specifics of this repayment remain unclear. Hunter Biden's involvement in lucrative foreign business deals, particularly those leveraging the "Biden brand," has been a focal point of scrutiny in this unfolding story.

Unpacking the Financial Dynamics of Morris and Hunter Biden

The relationship between Kevin Morris and Hunter Biden, starting from a campaign donation in 2019 to the handling of multi-million dollar transactions, paints a complex picture of financial interdependence and support. Morris's role in paying off Hunter's IRS debts and extending a hefty loan, coupled with his involvement in the sale of Hunter's artwork and memoir, places him at the center of Hunter's financial orbit.

Morris's statement about his financial support for Hunter underscores the personal nature of their relationship. He expressed, "I did not and do not have any expectations of receiving anything from Hunter’s father or the Biden administration in exchange for helping Hunter, nor have I asked for anything from President Biden or his administration." This quote reiterates his stance on the absence of ulterior motives behind his support.

Throughout this saga, questions linger about the repayment of the loans extended to Hunter Biden. The intricacies of these financial arrangements, combined with Hunter's substantial earnings from foreign business dealings, add layers of complexity to the story. The House's inquiry into Joe Biden's potential financial gains from his family's dealings remains a critical aspect of this investigation, as it seeks to understand the breadth and depth of the President's involvement in these financial matters.

The Broader Implications of the Morris-Biden Relationship

The unfolding narrative around Kevin Morris's financial assistance to Hunter Biden offers a glimpse into the intricate web of personal and financial relationships in the upper echelons of power.

Morris's testimony and his claim of no ulterior motives in aiding Hunter serve as a focal point in the ongoing investigation into the Biden family's finances. The implications of this case extend beyond the individuals involved, touching on broader questions of ethics, political influence, and the intersection of personal relationships and political power.

As the House impeachment inquiry delves deeper into the financial ties between the Bidens and their associates, the public's understanding of these complex relationships continues to evolve.

The testimony of figures like Kevin Morris provides critical insights into the dynamics at play, offering a window into the often opaque world of political and financial dealings.


The story of Kevin Morris's financial support for Hunter Biden encapsulates a fascinating interplay of friendship, finance, and politics.

From the initial meeting post-campaign donation to the multi-faceted financial assistance, the narrative weaves through various aspects of both men's lives, intersecting with larger political investigations.

The inquiry into President Joe Biden's potential financial benefits from his family's dealings remains a significant aspect of this unfolding story, as it highlights the complex interconnections of personal relationships, financial transactions, and political power.

The outcomes of this investigation may well have far-reaching implications, shedding light on the nature of political influence and the ethical boundaries of personal and financial relationships in the sphere of public service.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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