Kevin McCarthy discusses route GOP will take for Biden impeachment

 September 2, 2023

Recent developments have shown that the GOP, led by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, is serious about the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker from California, has made it clear that he won't bypass the traditional floor vote to initiate an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. He emphasized the gravity of such a decision and the need for it to be a collective one.

McCarthy, in a recent interview with Breitbart, stated, "To open an impeachment inquiry is a serious matter, and House Republicans would not take it lightly or use it for political purposes.

The American people deserve to be heard on this matter through their elected representatives."

He further added that if the GOP decides to proceed with the impeachment inquiry, it will be through a vote on the House floor, ensuring that the decision isn't made by a single individual.

Current impeachment resolutions against Biden

At present, six impeachment resolutions against President Biden have been proposed by House Republicans, Washington Examiner reported.

The urgency for an inquiry has grown recently, especially after allegations that Biden declined to provide documents related to the investigation into the foreign business activities of the Biden family.

There were speculations earlier this week about whether McCarthy would stick to the traditional impeachment procedures for Biden. It's worth noting that the Constitution doesn't mandate a floor vote to commence an impeachment inquiry. This means the GOP could have directly introduced an article of impeachment on the floor, bypassing the House Judiciary Committee's reporting and the House's vote on initiating the inquiry.

However, McCarthy has confirmed that they will adhere to the traditional process.

Historical context of impeachment inquiries

The only instance when the floor vote for initiating an inquiry was overlooked was in 2021.

The House Democrats, at that time, charged former President Donald Trump with incitement of an insurrection at the Capitol. However, during Trump's first impeachment in 2019, the House Democrats did introduce an impeachment inquiry. In both cases, the Senate acquitted Trump.

If the House Republicans decide to act on the impeachment against Biden, they will need a minimum of 218 votes to transfer the impeachment trial to the Senate.

Following that, a two-thirds majority in the Senate would be necessary to remove Biden from office, as stipulated in the Constitution.


As the political landscape continues to evolve, the following points summarize the current situation:

  • House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is committed to following the traditional process for Biden's impeachment.
  • There are six pending impeachment resolutions against President Biden from House Republicans.
  • McCarthy has emphasized the importance of the American people's voice in this matter.
  • The GOP needs 218 votes in the House to move the impeachment trial to the Senate.
  • For Biden to be removed from office, a two-thirds majority in the Senate is required.

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About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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