Kevin Harvick Reacts to Surprising Closure of Stewart-Haas Racing

 May 29, 2024

In an unexpected turn of events, Stewart-Haas Racing, a notable figure in NASCAR, has announced that it will discontinue operations following the 2024 season.

This decision marks the end of an era for the racing company that has been a dominant force in the industry, Fox News reported.

Longtime racer for the team, Kevin Harvick, has publicly shared his dismay, noting the rapid decline from a thriving team to its impending closure. "It's unbelievable to me that we went from 4Ever to 4Ward to for sale in six months," expressed Harvick, who finds the sudden change baffling.

Racing Legacy Comes to an End

Stewart-Haas Racing began its journey in 2002 as Haas CNC Racing. Tony Stewart became a co-owner in 2008, rebranding the team and marking the beginning of a series of successes. These successes included NASCAR championships in 2011 and 2014, the latter being Harvick’s first year and championship with the team.

Over the years, Kevin Harvick became the most successful driver in the team's history, amassing 37 wins. Additionally, the team has achieved 69 wins, with contributions from other renowned drivers such as Tony Stewart, Clint Bowyer, Kurt Busch, and Ryan Newman. However, this season, the current lineup of four drivers has failed to secure a win, suggesting underlying issues that may have influenced the decision to close.

Kevin Harvick delved deeper into the issues during his public remarks. He attributed the struggles to a weakening operational backbone and the management style of the team’s top leaders:

Once that backbone of all that kind of went away, I think it started poking some holes and just thewhat happens at the top side of the upper management' and everything that goes with running a race team top to bottom. It's a full-time job. It's a 24/7 job — and it's not a knock on owners — Gene [Haas] and Tony [Stewart] were great to me, but they're kind of hands-off owners and have people in place to do their jobs.

Shift in Ownership and Management

Described by Harvick as "hands-off" owners, both Gene Haas and Tony Stewart's approach may have contributed to the current challenges faced by Stewart-Haas Racing. With Tony Stewart retiring from active racing in 2016 and Kevin Harvick following suit in 2023, the leadership void may have further exposed the team to operational vulnerabilities.

The legacy and impact of Stewart-Haas Racing on its members remain significant. Harvick acknowledged the profound influence the organization had on his career and life. "It’s tough to see. There are a lot of people who put a lot of time and effort into that organization. The organization did a lot for me," he reflected.

Future of Stewart-Haas Racing's Assets

Industry analysts predict the team will sell its four charters to other racing entities, marking the final distribution of Stewart-Haas Racing's tangible legacies as the 2024 season concludes.

This closure will significantly impact drivers, staff, fans, and stakeholders who have been part of Stewart-Haas’s journey.

From its start as Haas CNC Racing to its championship-winning days as Stewart-Haas Racing, its story features remarkable highs and a sudden, bewildering closure.

In conclusion, the dissolution of Stewart-Haas Racing not only brings an end to a significant chapter in NASCAR history but also serves as a reflective moment for the motorsports community on the dynamics of team management and leadership in the fast-paced world of racing.

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