Ketanji Brown Jackson Hit With Ethics Complaint

 December 19, 2023

The ethics of a Supreme Court Justice have come under scrutiny.

A recent ethics complaint alleges that Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson failed to disclose significant income details over a decade.

The Center for Renewing America has lodged a formal complaint against Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. This action stems from allegations that she did not adequately report her husband’s income from medical malpractice consulting while serving as a federal judge.

Uncovering a Decade-Long Oversight

In the detailed complaint filed with the Judicial Conference, the Center for Renewing America argues that Justice Jackson's omissions span over ten years. These allegations put a spotlight on the ethical responsibilities of federal judges.

The complaint highlights that while Justice Jackson disclosed two of her husband’s clients in 2011 during her nomination as a District Judge, she failed to include his consulting income in subsequent annual disclosures. This period covers her tenure as a Circuit Judge from 2012 to 2020.

Justice Jackson admitted in her 2020 Supreme Court nomination filing that she had “inadvertently omitted” reporting some of her husband’s consulting income, acknowledging the oversight. However, the complaint challenges the inadvertence of these omissions.

A Question of Willful Violation

The Center for Renewing America argues that Justice Jackson's omissions may not have been accidental. They contend that these lapses could represent willful violations of the Ethics in Government Act, which mandates detailed income disclosure.

The complaint's language is stern, accusing Justice Jackson of "willfully failing to disclose" required information about her husband’s income. This accusation implies a deliberate neglect of legal requirements, raising serious ethical questions.

Justice Jackson's acknowledgment in 2020 that she omitted details of her husband’s income is critical. It suggests a recognition of the error, but the Center for Renewing America questions the inadvertence of these omissions.

Additional Concerns Over Investiture Celebration

The complaint goes beyond income disclosures. It raises concerns about whether Justice Jackson properly reported the sources of funding and gifts for her 2022 Supreme Court investiture celebration.

The lavish celebration at the Library of Congress might have involved undisclosed private funding sources. The complaint suggests that this could be another breach of the Ethics in Government Act's disclosure requirements.

These allegations add another layer to the complaint, implying potential lapses in disclosing not just income but also gifts and funding sources for significant events.

Implications for Judicial Ethics

The case against Justice Jackson brings to the forefront issues of transparency and accountability in the judiciary. Ethical compliance is essential for maintaining public trust in the legal system.

The Department of Justice’s potential investigation into these allegations could set a precedent for how ethical lapses are addressed in the highest courts. The outcome of this case could have lasting implications for judicial conduct and public perception.

This complaint, if proven true, could mark a significant breach in the ethical standards expected of a Supreme Court Justice, challenging the integrity of the judicial system.

Conclusion: A Case of Ethics and Disclosure

As this story unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the stringent ethical standards federal judges, especially Supreme Court Justices, are expected to uphold. The Center for Renewing America's complaint raises critical questions about Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson's adherence to these standards.

  • The Center for Renewing America alleges Justice Jackson failed to disclose her husband's income over a decade.
  • Justice Jackson admitted to inadvertently omitting some of her husband's income in her 2020 SCOTUS nomination filing.
  • The complaint also questions the disclosure of funding and gifts related to Justice Jackson's 2022 Supreme Court investiture celebration.

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