Kentucky Governor and Louisville Mayor Respond to PGA Championship Tragedy and Golfer's Arrest

 May 17, 2024

A somber shadow has been cast over the PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club.

A fatal accident involving a pedestrian and a shuttle bus led to a subsequent altercation resulting in the arrest of professional golfer Scottie Scheffler, Fox News reported.

The victim of the tragic accident was identified as John Mills, a Louisville local and employee of a vendor partnered with the PGA of America. The incident occurred early in the morning at approximately 5:09 a.m. on May 17, 2024, according to police reports. John Mills was fatally struck by a shuttle bus designated for tournament traffic just outside the renowned Valhalla Golf Club.

Governor and Mayor Offer Their Sympathies

Reacting to the devastating news, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg released heartfelt statements. Governor Beshear expressed his sorrow, remarking on the profound impact of losing a Kentuckian in such heart-wrenching circumstances. He extended his prayers to the bereaved family, signaling the communal mourning of a precious life lost.

"This morning our city experienced a tragic accident that took the life of John Mills, a Louisvillian who will be greatly missed by his family and our community. Our focus is on this family who lost their loved one," stated Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg, reflecting on the personal loss felt by the city.

Following the accident, another distressing incident occurred involving Scottie Scheffler. The professional golfer found himself in a confrontation with a member of the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD), which led to several serious charges against him, including second-degree assault on a police officer.

Controversial Arrest of Scottie Scheffler

Scheffler was navigating a PGA Championship vehicle when he inadvertently became involved in the incident with an LMPD officer who was managing traffic post-accident, ultimately knocking the officer down and causing injuries. This altercation significantly escalated, culminating in Scheffler’s arrest and his being charged with reckless driving and disregarding an officer’s signals, among other offenses.

The PGA of America also spoke up, lamenting the situation and expressing their condolences regarding John Mills's untimely demise. "This morning we were devastated to learn that a worker with one of our vendors was tragically struck and killed by a shuttle bus outside Valhalla Golf Club," said a representative from PGA of America.

The case took a more personal turn when Scheffler during his arrest, evidently distressed, pleaded for help, according to ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington.

Legal Perspectives on the Scheffler Case

Steve Romines, attorney for Scottie Scheffler, defended his client vigorously, stating that Scheffler had not intended any harm. "He didn’t do anything intentionally wrong," Romines explained, attempting to mitigate the perception of Scheffler's actions during the troubling events.

As the community grapples with these unfolding events, the focus remains strongly on the families affected and the implications for all involved. The sudden death of John Mills and the subsequent legal troubles for Scottie Scheffler have indeed cast a pall over what should have been a celebratory event in the world of golf. The hope expressed by public officials and community members alike is for resolution and healing in the aftermath of these tragedies.

Governor Andy Beshear commented on the incidents, "This morning an incident occurred outside the PGA Championship that resulted in the heartbreaking death of a fellow Kentuckian. Our hearts are broken, and we continue to pray for the victim’s family. The events that occurred afterward are the unfortunate result of this tragic incident, and we are hopeful that all parties involved can come to a resolution."

In conclusion, the loss of John Mills in a fatal shuttle bus accident has deeply touched the Louisville community and the wider Kentucky state. The subsequent arrest of Scottie Scheffler has stirred controversy and furthered the community's distress. As investigations continue, the resilience and unity of the community are put to the test, seeking clarity and closure from the tragic sequence of events

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