Ken Buck Says He’s Leaving Congress

By Victor Winston, updated on November 3, 2023
Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) has voiced his decision to not seek re-election, attributing his departure to the perpetuation of what he deems as falsehoods by his fellow Republicans regarding the 2020 election results and the events of January 6, 2021.
In a candid interview on CNN’s “The Source,” Buck expressed his concerns over the Republican Party's credibility, troubled by the ongoing narrative about the 2020 election and the January 6 Capitol riot.

His remarks reflect a broader sentiment of disillusionment with the current political discourse.

Ken Buck, serving Colorado's 4th congressional district, has been a member of Congress for nine years.

Throughout his tenure, he has witnessed the legislative body's reluctance to tackle pressing issues such as the sustainability of Social Security and Medicare, as well as the nation's ballooning debt.

According to Buck, these unresolved issues are compounded by the party's insistence on propagating what he considers to be lies about the 2020 election and the nature of the January 6 defendants, which he believes undermines the party's integrity and its ability to address critical policy matters effectively.

Financial Prudence and Political Integrity

Buck's decision to step down is driven by a combination of frustration over fiscal irresponsibility and the erosion of trust due to the perpetuation of misinformation, Breitbart reported.

He highlights the urgent need for the government to address the impending financial crisis posed by a national debt projected to reach $36 trillion by the end of the next year.

He emphasizes the importance of truth and accountability in politics, suggesting that without these, the Republican Party cannot hope to regain the trust of the American public.

Buck's stance places him at odds with a significant faction within his party, which continues to challenge the legitimacy of the 2020 election results.

The congressman's departure signals a moment of reckoning within the GOP, as it grapples with internal divisions and the consequences of its members' rhetoric on the nation's democratic processes.

Challenging the Status Quo

Buck's announcement is not just a personal decision but a public statement on the state of American politics. It serves as a challenge to his colleagues to confront the issues he believes are crucial for the nation's future.

His remarks have sparked conversations about the role of truth in governance and the impact of political narratives on public trust.

Buck's departure raises questions about the direction of the Republican Party and its approach to democracy and governance.

The congressman's bold move to not seek re-election is a reflection of his discontent with the status quo and a call to action for those in power to prioritize honesty and responsibility over partisan politics.


In conclusion, Representative Ken Buck's decision to leave Congress is a significant development in American politics, highlighting issues of truth and credibility within the Republican Party. Here are the key points:

  • Buck cites misinformation about the 2020 election and January 6 as reasons for his departure.
  • He expresses concern over the GOP's credibility and the nation's financial future.
  • The decision underscores the need for political integrity and fiscal responsibility.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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