Karine Jean-Pierre Storms Out of White House Press Briefing

 November 30, 2023

In a dramatic turn of events, the White House press briefing was abruptly ended by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

During a recent press briefing, a conflict erupted between White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and journalist Simon Ateba, leading to Jean-Pierre's sudden departure.

Simon Ateba, a reporter for Today News Africa, sought to pose a question to National Security Council spokesman John Kirby regarding Angolan President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço's visit. However, as Kirby concluded his response to another journalist's inquiry, Jean-Pierre overlooked Ateba, opting to call upon another reporter instead.

Escalating Tensions in White House Press Briefings

This incident is not the first clash between Ateba and Jean-Pierre. Their contentious history dates back to June 2023, when Jean-Pierre did not entertain any of Ateba's questions during a briefing. Ateba accused her of discrimination then, a claim he reiterated in the recent briefing.

The White House, in response to these previous incidents, even threatened to revoke Ateba's press privileges, highlighting the ongoing strain in their relationship.

Ateba, feeling sidelined, openly accused Jean-Pierre and the White House of discrimination for not allowing him, an African journalist, to ask a question about the African leader's visit. His accusation was met with Jean-Pierre's threat to terminate the briefing if it continued without respect.

A Press Secretary's Exit: Unprecedented in Recent Times

Jean-Pierre, evidently agitated by the confrontation, gathered her notes and left the briefing room, bringing the session to an abrupt end. Her departure marked a rare instance of a White House Press Secretary walking out of a press briefing under such circumstances.

Her exit left the room in a state of surprise and confusion, as such occurrences are unusual in the typically structured environment of White House press briefings.

Before leaving, Jean-Pierre reiterated her position, emphasizing the need for respect in the briefing room. Her walkout was a clear demonstration of her stance on maintaining decorum in these sessions.

Journalistic Voices: Representation and Opportunities

Ateba's allegations against Jean-Pierre raise questions about the representation and opportunities afforded to journalists from diverse backgrounds, especially in high-profile settings such as the White House.

His frustration was evident in his statement: "It is so surprising that you don't take — you are receiving an African leader, but you can't take a question from an African journalist." This sentiment underscores the broader discussion about inclusivity in media circles.

"OK, we can end this briefing right now," Jean-Pierre said, her tone indicating her readiness to conclude the session in light of the escalating tensions. "You are receiving an African leader, and you don't take a question," Ateba reiterated, highlighting the perceived inconsistency in the White House's approach.

Jean-Pierre's final words before her departure were succinct: "Thanks everybody." These words marked the end of a briefing that will be remembered for its unexpected conclusion and the issues it brought to the forefront.

The Balance of Press Freedom and Order

This incident brings to the forefront the delicate balance between press freedom and maintaining order in official press briefings. The role of the press secretary is often a balancing act, navigating between these two crucial aspects of media engagement.

The White House, as a symbol of American democracy, is a focal point for journalists worldwide. Ensuring fair access and opportunity for all media representatives is a responsibility that comes with its role.

The fallout from this event might have wider implications for future interactions between the White House press corps and the Press Secretary's office, potentially influencing how such briefings are conducted in the future.


  • White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre abruptly ended a press briefing following a confrontation with journalist Simon Ateba.
  • Ateba accused Jean-Pierre of discrimination for not allowing him to ask a question about the visit of Angolan President Lourenço.
  • This incident highlights ongoing tensions between Jean-Pierre and Ateba, dating back to June 2023.
  • The confrontation raises questions about the inclusivity and representation of journalists in White House press briefings.
  • Jean-Pierre's walkout is a rare occurrence in White House press briefing history and signifies the delicate balance between press freedom and maintaining order.

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