Kamala Harris Pushes For Marijuana Records To Be Expunged

By Robert Cunningham, updated on March 15, 2024

In a significant move at the White House, Vice President Kamala Harris takes a stand on a contentious issue.

According to Daily Mail, Vice President Kamala Harris advocates for clearing marijuana convictions as part of a broader reform initiative.

The event, scheduled for Friday, will see Harris joined by rapper Fat Joe in a roundtable discussion that underscores the Biden administration's commitment to marijuana sentencing reform.

Vice President Joins Forces With Hip-Hop Icon

Harris, who once was known for her tough stance on drug offenses, is now at the forefront of a push to reshape the nation’s perspective on marijuana-related convictions. The roundtable aims to highlight the disproportionate impact that marijuana laws have had on communities of color and to address the long-term effects of criminal sentencing for such offenses. Fat Joe's presence not only adds a layer of cultural relevance but also serves as a bridge to younger voters and those directly affected by the criminal justice system's treatment of marijuana use.

This collaboration between politics and hip-hop culture signals a strategic move by the Biden administration to engage key demographic groups ahead of the 2024 election. The administration's efforts to reclassify marijuana and to advocate for the expungement of past convictions reflect a significant shift in federal policy. By sharing the stories of individuals who have directly benefited from the 2022 pardon of federal marijuana convictions, the event aims to put a human face on the statistics and legal arguments.

In his State of the Union address, President Biden reinforced the administration's stance with a clear message about the future direction of marijuana laws. Reclassifying marijuana as a Schedule Three drug has already had a tangible impact, easing restrictions on legal sales within the industry and setting a precedent for future legislation.

Conversations on Policy and Personal Experience

The Vice President's own journey with the issue of marijuana legalization mirrors the evolution of public opinion and policy in recent years. As district attorney of San Francisco and later as attorney general of California, Harris enforced the laws criminalizing marijuana use. However, her shift towards advocating for legalization at the federal level was evident during her 2020 presidential campaign, where she embraced cultural references and her own experience to support her changed stance.

Governor Andy Beshear's efforts in Kentucky are also a focal point of the event. His recent signing of legislation to legalize medical marijuana in the state and endeavors to expand its legal use for more conditions exemplify the shifting landscape at state levels. Harris's meeting with Beshear will likely underscore the importance of alignment between state and federal efforts on this issue.

The Vice President has humorously referenced her Jamaican heritage in discussions on marijuana, bringing a relatable and light-hearted element to the conversation. Her comments on "The Breakfast Club" radio show signify an attempt to connect with the public on a more personal level:

I think that it gives a lot of people joy and we need more joy. Look, I joke about it, I have joked about it. Half my family is from Jamaica, are you kidding me?

Skepticism Amidst the Reform Narrative

Despite the progressive narrative, some conservatives may view this focus on marijuana reform with skepticism. The approach targets demographics crucial for the upcoming election, which might raise questions about the political motives behind the reform. Additionally, the juxtaposition of Harris's previous prosecutorial role with her current reform advocacy could be perceived as an opportunistic pivot rather than a genuine shift in perspective.

In any case, the administration's decisions will have lasting implications, not just for those currently or formerly incarcerated for marijuana-related offenses but for the social and economic fabric of communities across the nation. The event at the White House represents not only a policy discussion but a symbolic act of shifting attitudes towards a substance that has long been at the center of legal and cultural debates.


Vice President Kamala Harris is taking a significant step by hosting an event that positions the Biden administration as a proponent of marijuana sentencing reform. With the inclusion of the cultural figure Fat Joe, the event aims to shed light on the need to lift penalties and convictions for marijuana offenses. While the initiative marks a progressive policy shift, it strategically targets key voter demographics and aligns federal efforts with state movements like those in Kentucky under Governor Andy Beshear. The Vice President's personal evolution on the issue, from prosecutor to reform advocate, adds a layer of complexity to the political narrative.

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