Kamala Harris Gives Bizarre Confession On State Of Biden Admin

 January 26, 2024

Vice President Kamala Harris has made a striking admission about the state of the current administration.

Vice President Harris cites a failure to adequately showcase the administration's successes as the root of low approval ratings.

In the world of politics, perception often aligns itself with the reality of public opinion. Vice President Kamala Harris has recently brought to the fore an introspective view on why the current administration, under the leadership of President Joe Biden, is grappling with lackluster approval ratings.

Harris believes these accomplishments have not been illuminated brightly enough for the American populace despite significant legislative victories and economic strides.

Examining the Administration's Record

Harris pointed to a series of achievements that she feels have not been fully recognized. The passage of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure law in 2021, the creation of millions of jobs, and the attainment of low unemployment rates stand as testament to the administration's efforts.

However, these milestones seem to have been overshadowed in the public eye, potentially due to a shortfall in effective communication from the White House.

The administration continues to push forward with infrastructure projects and initiatives to alleviate student debt, signaling a commitment to their agenda. Yet, the task of informing and convincing the American public of these achievements falls upon an administration seeking reconnection with its electorate. The White House has also been promoting the positive economic news of a 3.3 percent GDP growth in the last quarter despite prevailing concerns over inflation.

The Struggle With Public Perception

Approval ratings, often seen as the pulse of political health, have not been favorable for President Biden, with recent surveys placing him in the 30s—a precarious position for a re-election year.

This stark number contrasts with the administration's view of its own performance and the tangible economic progress under its tenure. The dichotomy raises questions about the administration's strategy in communicating its victories to the American people.

Harris, in her interview, mentioned:

We have a lot of accomplishments. And I think what the American people want most in their leaders is that we actually get things done, and we have done it. We haven't taken adequate credit for it, frankly, and we've got to do a better job of getting the word out about what we have accomplished and who did it.

Addressing the Border Crisis and Immigration

The ongoing border crisis remains a contentious issue, with Harris not directly overseeing the matter. Nonetheless, she referenced the administration's commitment to overhauling the immigration system, which has been a topic of intense national discourse.

Shortly after taking office, the administration proposed a bill to revamp immigration policies, a move that Harris underscores as a step toward solving the complex challenges at the border.

There’s no question our immigration system is broken, and it needs to be fixed. Harris asserted the leadership’s role in tackling such problems, indicating a proactive stance despite the hurdles. Immigration reform, a labyrinthine endeavor fraught with political and social implications, remains an area where the administration's resolve is being tested.


Vice President Kamala Harris has candidly acknowledged what she perceives as a disconnect between the administration's accomplishments and their recognition by the American public.

She underscored the successes, including the 2021 infrastructure law, job creation, and economic growth, while noting the ongoing efforts in infrastructure and addressing student debt.

The Vice President's reflections on the White House's communication strategy reveal an administration searching for a more resonant connection with the electorate amidst challenging approval ratings and a complex political landscape.

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