Kamala Harris Accused Of Posting Fake ‘Christmas’ Photo

 December 26, 2023

In a season meant for unity, a digital clock has sparked division.

A Christmas Day photo posted by Vice President Kamala Harris has stirred controversy over its authenticity.

Social media is abuzz with reactions to Vice President Kamala Harris's recent Christmas post. On the festive day, Harris took to her personal account to share a glimpse of her holiday celebration. The photo captured Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, in the kitchen, apparently preparing a Christmas beef Wellington, a traditional British dish that has become a holiday favorite for many.

Online Discrepancies Lead to Debate

Critics quickly pointed out a discrepancy in the photo that raised questions about its timing. A digital clock in the background read approximately 2:30 p.m. EST on Sunday, yet the photo was uploaded around 1:30 p.m. EST on Christmas Day. This led to accusations that the Vice President was disseminating a "fake" holiday moment. The debate intensified as people scrutinized the photo for further evidence to support their claims.

In contrast, Harris's supporters have come to her defense. They propose that the meal could have been prepared the day before, which is common for dishes requiring significant preparation. The controversy has highlighted the scrutiny public figures face on social media, where every detail can become a point of contention.

The digital clock's time stamp became a flashpoint for broader discussions. It opened up conversations about trust in public figures and the authenticity of their shared personal moments. The incident showcases the volatile nature of online discourse, where a simple Christmas greeting can become a polarizing issue.

A Tale of Two Social Media Posts

The controversial Christmas Day post was not Harris's only holiday message to the public. From her official account, on Christmas Eve, she extended holiday wishes without mentioning Christmas specifically. "Wishing everyone a happy holiday season," the Vice President wrote a greeting that was more inclusive of the diverse ways people celebrate this time of year.

This distinction between her personal and official accounts' messaging has not gone unnoticed. It reflects an awareness of the different audiences these platforms cater to and the nuances of addressing a diverse nation. The Vice President's team is likely mindful of the varying interpretations and reactions that public messages can elicit.

The alt text for the Christmas Day photo added a traditional touch by describing the scene as “Second Gentleman Emhoff and Vice President Harris pose for a picture in front of their Christmas tree.” This description, while not visible in the photo itself, provided context that tied back to the holiday's customary imagery and the personal nature of the post.


The Vice President's post is a snapshot of how politicians navigate public perception. While some view the photo as an attempt to relate to everyday Americans, others see it as a calculated move that backfired due to a perceived lack of authenticity. The discourse surrounding the photo underscores the delicate balance public figures must maintain in their online presence.

  • Vice President Kamala Harris posted a Christmas Day photo with her husband as they prepared beef Wellington.
  • A time discrepancy in the photo led to accusations of it being staged or "fake."
  • Supporters have defended the timing, suggesting the meal could have been prepared earlier.
  • Harris's Christmas Eve post was more inclusive, avoiding the mention of Christmas.
  • The debate showcases the heightened scrutiny public figures face on social media.

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