Justice Samuel Alito's Flag Incident Raises Impeachment Concerns

 June 10, 2024

A former federal prosecutor, Harry Litman, suggested on CNN that Justice Samuel Alito might have committed an impeachable offense.

According to Breitbart News, Litman raised concerns over Alito's explanation of a 2021 incident involving an upside-down American flag at his Virginia home.

Former federal prosecutor Harry Litman appeared on CNN’s “Newsroom” to discuss Justice Samuel Alito's controversial flag incident. During the interview, Litman highlighted a potential discrepancy between Alito's explanation and the account provided by a former neighbor. This discrepancy has led to questions about whether Alito might have lied to Congress, which could be an impeachable offense.

Host Jessica Dean brought up the incident where an upside-down American flag was seen flying at Alito’s Virginia home in 2021. Alito wrote to lawmakers, explaining that the flag was a response to a "very nasty neighborhood dispute." However, the former neighbor contended that Alito's explanation was either mistaken or a lie.

Details of the Discrepancy and Evidence

Litman noted that Alito distanced himself from the flag incident, implying that it would be problematic if Alito himself had flown the flag. The neighbor claimed there was material evidence, including a picture in The New York Times and a police report from February, that contradicted Alito's account. This evidence raises significant questions about Alito’s letter to Congress.

Litman emphasized the importance of resolving the discrepancy regarding Alito’s letter. He stated that if Alito lied in his letter to Congress, it would be "exceptionally grave" and could constitute an impeachable offense. The gravity of this situation has led to calls for further investigation to determine the truth.

Former Neighbor Challenges Alito's Account

The incident involving the upside-down flag occurred in 2021, drawing attention from various media outlets. The New York Times published a picture from January of that year, and a police report documented an altercation in February. These pieces of evidence are crucial in assessing the validity of Alito's explanation.

Host Jessica Dean highlighted the neighbor's contention, quoting them as saying Alito’s explanation was either a mistake or a lie. This assertion has added fuel to the controversy, prompting calls for a thorough investigation. Litman underscored the importance of this issue, given the potential implications for Alito's position.

In his interview, Litman acknowledged the seriousness of the situation. He stressed that while the neighbor's word should not automatically be taken over that of a Supreme Court Justice, the discrepancy must be addressed. This sentiment reflects the need for accountability and transparency in matters involving high-ranking officials.

Implications of Lying to Congress

Litman’s comments on CNN have brought the issue to the forefront, highlighting the potential consequences if Alito lied in his letter to Congress. Such an action would be considered "exceptionally grave" and could lead to impeachment proceedings. The seriousness of this claim underscores the need for a comprehensive investigation.

A thorough investigation would involve examining the material evidence, including the picture and police report, to determine the truth. This process is essential to maintaining the integrity of the judicial system and ensuring that no one is above the law. The outcome of this investigation could have significant ramifications for Alito and the Supreme Court.

In his interview, Litman stated, "If it’s the case, I am not saying it’s the case, but if it is that Justice Alito sent a letter to Congress and didn’t tell the truth in it, that is exceptionally grave. I think that would be an impeachable offense." This statement encapsulates the gravity of the situation and the potential consequences for Alito.


The controversy surrounding Justice Samuel Alito's flag incident in 2021 has raised significant concerns about his conduct. Former federal prosecutor Harry Litman suggested that Alito might have committed an impeachable offense if he lied in his letter to Congress. The discrepancy between Alito's explanation and the neighbor's account, supported by material evidence, underscores the need for a thorough investigation. The outcome of this investigation could have profound implications for Alito and the integrity of the Supreme Court. Accountability and transparency are essential to maintaining public trust in the judicial system.

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