Jury Member Replaced as Hunter Biden's Trial Begins

 June 5, 2024

The trial of Hunter Biden on gun charges has seen its first twist even before substantive proceedings could commence.

According to Breitbart News, a juror was excused right before the opening statements due to long travel constraints.

The excused juror, identified only as Juror 16, had been qualified just a day before her excusal, highlighting the fluid nature of jury selection in such prominent trials.

Juror 16 had admitted to having minimal exposure to the case details, primarily through YouTube, and her knowledge of gun ownership was equally limited.

The court will replace her with an alternate, although it remains unclear who among the potential alternates will step in. The options include individuals with diverse backgrounds—from a former Obama donor to a Secret Service veteran.

Opening Day Developments and Delays

As the trial officially opened on Tuesday morning, the courtroom was marked by the absence of a juror and the attendance of significant figures. Hunter Biden’s wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, his stepmother, First Lady Jill Biden, and his Hollywood attorney, Kevin Morris, were present, signaling the case's high stakes.

Prosecution and defense teams prepared to delve into the intricacies of the charges, with the initial discussions focusing on the admissibility of various forms of evidence.

Before 9 a.m., Judge Noreika began reviewing decisions on the admissibility of evidence, noting that texts, photos, and excerpts from Hunter Biden’s memoir, "Beautiful Things," are expected to be presented in court today, NBC News reported.

Evidence and Testimonies Looming

The trial is set to feature a range of evidence and testimonies, with FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen slated as the prosecution’s first witness. She is expected to discuss Hunter Biden’s text messages and provide insights from his memoir, which could offer a deeper understanding of the context surrounding the charges against him.

Photos of Hunter Biden in specific locations, like Malibu and Wilmington, may serve as evidence to confirm his whereabouts on certain dates. Judge Noreika initially questioned the relevance of these photos. Prosecutor Derek Hines clarified that the photos' significance is in verifying Hunter Biden's exact location.

This focus on textual evidence and personal accounts indicates the prosecution's strategy to paint a comprehensive picture of Hunter Biden’s activities and state of mind during the period in question.


The trial of Hunter Biden held in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit under the case title United States v. Hunter Biden, No. 24-1703, has commenced amidst procedural shifts and significant public attention.

The trial's first days have set a complex stage for the unfolding legal battle with the excusal of a juror, the presence of high-profile family members, and the detailed scrutiny of evidence. As the case progresses, the testimonies, especially that of FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen, and the evaluation of various forms of evidence will be critical in shaping the proceedings.

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