Jury Convicts Jonathan Majors After Actor Called Out Obama Family By Name In Testimony

 December 19, 2023

A recent court verdict has left the entertainment industry in shock.

Jonathan Majors, known for his role as Kang in Marvel films, faces misdemeanor convictions while acquitted of more severe charges.

The New York jury found Majors guilty of third-degree reckless assault and harassment, misdemeanors arising from an altercation with ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. This conviction stands in contrast to his acquittal on the charges of third-degree intentional assault and second-degree aggravated harassment.

Details Emerge from the Courtroom

The incident occurred earlier this year and reportedly began with Jabbari seeing a flirtatious text on Majors' phone. The situation escalated when Jabbari attempted to examine the phone, leading to an alleged physical confrontation.

Jabbari testified that during the altercation, Majors twisted her arm and finger, resulting in a broken finger. Additionally, she claimed that Majors struck her head, causing her ear to bleed.

"He was trying to hurt me. Then I felt a hard blow across my head." Grace Jabbari recounted the altercation with the Majors.

The jury, comprising six members, deliberated before reaching the verdict of guilty on the lesser charges. The event occurred when Majors and Jabbari were in a relationship, casting a shadow over Majors' personal life.

Impact on Majors' Acting Career

Majors' role as Kang in Marvel's cinematic universe since 2022 has been significant. However, his recent conviction raises questions about his future in these projects.

Marvel, known for its family-friendly brand, may consider recasting or eliminating the Kang character from future productions. The nature of Majors' convictions could influence the studio's decision regarding his continued involvement.

A studio executive commented on the situation, highlighting the trial's revelations and their potential impact on Majors' role within the Marvel franchise, especially considering the family-oriented image of Marvel and Disney.

"The trial has illuminated a fair amount of stuff regardless of the verdict. What came out is problematic for him, particularly for a brand like Marvel or Disney – at least in the near term."

Sentencing for Majors is scheduled for February 6th, adding another layer of uncertainty to his career prospects. The actor's future hangs in the balance, particularly in high-profile roles such as Kang.

Community Reaction and Broader Implications

The news of Majors' conviction has stirred reactions across the entertainment industry and among fans. The severity of the charges and the nature of the convictions have led to discussions about accountability and the image of public figures.

While some argue for a nuanced understanding of the situation, others see the convictions as incompatible with the responsibilities of a public figure, especially in roles aimed at younger audiences.

This case raises broader questions about how the entertainment industry responds to personal misconduct allegations and convictions, particularly in high-profile cases involving major franchises.


  • Jonathan Majors was convicted of two misdemeanors related to a physical altercation with ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.
  • Acquitted of more severe charges of intentional assault and aggravated harassment.
  • The incident may lead to changes in Majors' role as Kang in Marvel projects.
  • Public and industry reactions are mixed, raising questions about personal conduct and professional responsibilities.
  • Sentencing scheduled for February 6th, adding uncertainty to Majors' future career.

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