Juror Dismisses Hunter Biden's 7-Eleven Defense in Gun Trial

 June 11, 2024

Hunter Biden faced a decisive defeat as he was convicted in a high-profile gun trial. After a brief deliberation, the jury found him guilty on all counts related to federal gun charges.

A Delaware juror in Hunter Biden's gun crime trial stated that "nobody is above the law" after Biden was found guilty on all counts.

According to Fox News, the juror didn't believe the defense's 7-Eleven story. The trial, which took place in Wilmington, Delaware, unfolded over approximately six and a half days. Emotional testimonies from family members, including Naomi Biden, Kathleen Buhle, and Hallie Biden, marked key moments in the proceedings.

Unexpected Jury Deliberation Pace Shocks Observers

The jury reached its verdict in just three hours, split over two days. This swift decision was made after considering complex evidence and testimonies. Hunter Biden’s charges stemmed from inaccuracies on a federal form during a firearm purchase in October 2018 at StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply. He had declared he was not a user of, nor addicted to, any controlled substances.

Prosecutors pointed to Hunter Biden's own memoir and text messages, which suggested he was actively involved with drug dealers, to contradict his claims. In his book, he details his unpredictable encounters with a drug dealer, emphasizing the irregular and risky nature of these meetings.

Juror Expresses Skepticism Over Defense Claims

A key factor in the trial was the skepticism of a juror towards Hunter Biden's narrative, which included an alibi of purchasing coffee at a 7-Eleven. This skepticism appeared to influence the jury's swift decision.

This juror, a 68-year-old Sussex County, Delaware resident, described the trial as emotionally taxing and emphasized the impartiality of their decision-making, stating that politics did not influence the outcome.

Reflecting on the trial's pivotal moment, this juror mentioned, "That’s when it got real." The discussions that followed led them to the unanimous conclusion of guilt.

The Impact of Family Support and National Attention

The case drew national attention, partly due to the presence of Melissa Cohen Biden, who accompanied her husband to the court for the verdict. The support from Hunter Biden's family was palpable throughout the proceedings.

In a move underscoring the gravity of his trial, the Democratic Party announced it would reimburse the costs for Jill Biden’s travel between Paris and Delaware. She had returned to attend parts of the trial, highlighting its significance in political and personal circles.

Below, a significant excerpt from Hunter's memoir provides context to the allegations against him:

If we agreed on a time and a place, it was almost always at the most random hour, in the sketchiest part of town. No dealer works off a user's timetable. So you arrange to meet in front of a 7-Eleven on such-and-such street, then sit in your car and wait.

Despite the strong defense, the testimonies from key family members and the detailed recounting of his interactions with drug dealers in his memoir could not sway the jury in his favor.

Overall, Hunter Biden's conviction has reverberated through political and legal landscapes, reminding the public and policymakers alike of the legal system's reach and limitations. This case, with its mix of personal downfall and legal scrutiny, leaves a lasting imprint on public discourse about justice and accountability in America.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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