Judge Upholds Arizona’s New Voting Regulations

 May 20, 2024

A Maricopa County judge has ruled against the Republican National Committee’s lawsuit challenging Arizona's updated voting regulations.

Judge Frank Moskowitz affirmed that the new Elections Procedures Manual aligns with state laws despite Republican concerns over election integrity.

As Conservative Brief reported, Judge Frank Moskowitz of Maricopa County Superior Court dismissed the Republican National Committee’s lawsuit against Arizona’s new voting regulations.

The lawsuit claimed the new rules would facilitate election fraud and reduce safeguards against non-citizen voting. Republicans also criticized the brief period allocated for public comments on the new guidelines.

Judge Finds No Conflict With State Law

Moskowitz concluded that the new Elections Procedures Manual does not conflict with existing state law, noting the significant public feedback received. The manual, updated each election cycle by the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, was used successfully in the March presidential preference election. The Secretary of State’s Office, now led by Democrat Adrian Fontes, plans to use the manual for the upcoming primary and general elections.

Judge Moskowitz said:

There is a primary election coming up in July and the general election in November. Yet, plaintiffs ask this court to order that those elections be governed by the 2019 EPM, which… also contains several of the same provisions complained about below and does not address subsequent changes in state and federal election laws.

Republicans Challenge Voter Registration Policies in Court

The Republican lawsuit is part of a broader series of legal challenges concerning voter registration requirements and First Amendment rights.

Republicans argue the manual exceeds its scope by creating policy rather than interpreting existing laws, particularly regarding statewide vote certification. This controversy mirrors a 2022 incident in Cochise County, where two Republican supervisors refused to certify election results.

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club has also filed a lawsuit over restrictions on manual ballot drop box monitoring. This follows incidents in 2022 where armed and masked monitors were reported at drop box locations. Previous disputes between former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and former Attorney General Mark Brnovich also highlight ongoing contention over voting regulations.

Turning Point USA Boosts Arizona GOP Registrations

Republican voter registrations in Arizona have been rising, with significant gains over Democrats and independents. Turning Point USA has been notably active in these efforts, driving voter registration across the state. Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, noted, “In just four years, the registration advantage has nearly DOUBLED with most of the gains in the last two years.”

JP Martin, spokesperson for the Secretary of State’s Office, commented on the manual's efficacy, saying, “We used this manual to run the presidential preference election in March effectively and will continue using the EPM to ensure fair elections in the upcoming primary and general elections.”

Conclusion and Future Implications

The recent ruling by Judge Frank Moskowitz upholds Arizona's new voting regulations amidst significant Republican opposition. The decision underscores the manual’s alignment with state laws, affirming its use in upcoming elections. As legal challenges continue, the broader political implications of these regulations remain a focal point. The ongoing increase in Republican voter registrations reflects a dynamic political landscape in Arizona.

The dismissal of the lawsuit and the Secretary of State's commitment to the new manual indicate a pivotal moment in Arizona’s election law. As the state prepares for the primary and general elections, these developments are likely to shape the future of voter regulation and election integrity debates.

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