Judge Signal They May Loosen Trump Gag Order

 November 21, 2023

A federal appeals court has deliberated on the reinstatement of a gag order that had previously acted as a restraint on the former president's public remarks.

The court's decision will determine whether Trump can continue to make inflammatory comments about the case, its prosecutors, witnesses, and court staff or whether he will once again be subject to restrictions.

On Monday, a panel consisting of three judges devoted two and a half hours to hearing arguments concerning the gag order's reinstatement. Initially put in place by District Judge Tanya Chutkan on October 17th, the order was designed to deter Trump from potentially intimidating those involved with the case.

Delicate Balance of Free Speech and Fair Trial

Following an appeal from Trump, the order found itself on hold, only to be reinstated by Judge Chutkan on October 29th. The order's design, despite its restrictions, does not prohibit Trump from declaring his innocence or suggesting that the case against him is politically motivated.

The gag order does not fully silence Trump. However, it restricts his ability to make inflammatory comments against prosecutors, witnesses, and court staff involved in the ongoing federal case.

Despite the order, Trump has continued to publicly criticize figures like Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is involved in the case. This ongoing tension underscores the challenge faced by the court in enforcing the gag order while respecting the former President's right to express his views.

Arguments from Both Sides of the Courtroom

Cecil VanDevender, arguing for the necessity of the gag order, emphasized the importance of safeguarding the trial's participants from threats and intimidation. VanDevender stressed that the order is crucial for maintaining the integrity and fairness of the judicial process.

On the other side, Trump's lawyer, John Sauer, implored the court to revoke the gag order. Sauer argued that the order excessively restricts Trump's right to free speech and his ability to defend himself in the public sphere.

The judges, during the hearing, appeared to scrutinize both arguments with skepticism. This indicates the complexity of the issue at hand, balancing constitutional rights with the practicalities of a high-profile legal case.

Implications of the Court's Decision

While the court's ruling is anticipated, the broader implications of this decision are yet to be seen. The court's decision will likely set a precedent for handling such orders in future high-profile cases, potentially influencing the balance between freedom of speech and maintaining court decorum.

The result of the hearing could also significantly impact the public discourse around the case against the former president. If the gag order is lifted, Trump will regain a powerful platform to voice his opinions and criticisms, potentially influencing public sentiment and media coverage.

On the other hand, if the gag order is reinstated, it could reinforce the court's authority and its commitment to ensuring a fair and balanced trial for all, irrespective of their public standing.


  • A federal appeals court has heard arguments on the reinstatement of a gag order against Donald Trump in the case charging him with plotting to overturn the 2020 election results.
  • District Judge Tanya Chutkan first imposed the gag order on October 17th, and after Trump's appeal, it was reinstated on October 29th.
  • The order does not prevent Trump from declaring his innocence or suggesting the case is politically motivated.
  • Lawyers have argued both for and against the gag order, and the court has shown skepticism toward both sides' arguments.
  • The court's decision will likely have far-reaching implications for future high-profile cases.

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