Judge Orders Trial Date In Daniel Penny Case

By Robert Cunningham, updated on March 21, 2024

A marine veteran faces a daunting courtroom battle.

According to Daily Mail, Daniel Penny stands trial for the involuntary manslaughter of Jordan Neely this October.

A Tragic Encounter on Public Transit

On a typical day last May, the New York City subway became the stage for a tragedy that would ripple through the community and across the country. Daniel Penny, a 25-year-old Marine veteran, encountered Jordan Neely, a mentally ill homeless man.

The interaction, captured on video, ended with Neely in a fatal chokehold, pronounced dead at the scene.

The case, set for trial on October 8, with a preceding suppression hearing on September 17, has ignited fierce debate and national outrage. Penny, who pleaded not guilty, appeared in court in a navy suit, white shirt, and burgundy tie, the very image of respectability that complicates public perception of the incident.

Justice in the Balance

Penny's defense hinges on a narrative of protection; his attorneys argue he intervened to save lives from what they describe as Neely's threatening behavior. This defense raises uncomfortable questions about the line between self-defense and vigilantism, especially in a city grappling with perceptions of a crime crisis.

Neely's father, Andre Zachery, attended the court proceedings, a silent testament to personal loss amidst the legal and media storm. Representing the family, attorney Lennon Edwards underscored Neely's vulnerable state, unarmed and asking for food, a far cry from the threatening figure painted by the defense.

Lennon Edwards said:

Andre Zachery and Jordan Neely's family they're still suffering. They're still in pain. Justice has not been served yet but we're holding on to the belief that justice will be done in this case. ... He was the dangerous one and we are trusting that the district attorney will be able to render justice on behalf of Jordan Neely's family. On that day Daniel Penny was judge, jury and executioner and we're expecting when this trial starts he will be facing a judge, jury and sentence.

The Wider Implications

Neely's death does not stand alone; it echoes the national grief and anger following George Floyd's death, and it highlights the ongoing struggle to address mental illness and homelessness. Penny's legal battle is set against a backdrop of debates on how to manage public safety and the rights of the mentally ill in crowded urban settings.

Penny's lawyers have called into question the medical examiner's findings and suggested Neely's synthetic drug use as a contributing factor to his demise. Their failed attempt to dismiss the case in October, coupled with the emotional testimony of Neely's family and supporters, sets the stage for a trial fraught with legal and moral complexities.

Thomas Kenniff, Penny's attorney, juxtaposed his client's actions with a recent case of self-defense on the subway, lamenting the irony of Penny facing charges while others do not. This comparison underlines the unpredictable nature of public perception and legal outcomes in cases involving self-defense and mental health crises.


The trial of Daniel Penny is more than a legal proceeding; it is a litmus test for societal values, justice, and the handling of mental illness in public spaces. The facts are stark: a young Marine veteran, a mentally ill man lost to violence, and a city in search of answers.

As October approaches, the eyes of a nation will turn to Manhattan, where the tragedy of Jordan Neely and the fate of Daniel Penny will prompt hard questions about compassion, justice, and safety in America's urban heartlands.

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