Judge Extends Operation of Alex Jones' Infowars During Bankruptcy Proceedings

 June 4, 2024

According to Daily Mail, a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge has allowed Alex Jones’ controversial media outlet to continue business amidst a heated legal battle with Sandy Hook families.

This comes after an urgent plea from the families to cease his operations, as they seek to secure payments from massive lawsuit verdicts awarded for defamation and emotional distress caused by Jones.

Court Temporarily Prevents Infowars Liquidation in Sandy Hook Defamation Case

Judge Christopher Lopez in Houston made the ruling, decreeing that Infowars could keep its doors open for at least another two weeks.

This decision followed closely on the heels of an emergency motion by the Sandy Hook families' attorneys, arguing for an immediate shutdown of Jones' operations. The families involved have been entangled in legal disputes with Jones after he notoriously claimed the tragic 2012 Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.

Judge Lopez has scheduled another hearing for June 14 to discuss the potential liquidation of Jones' assets further. In the interim, Infowars is authorized to continue paying its 44 employees and maintaining regular business activities, which primarily involve the sale of dietary supplements and merchandise.

Jones’ Emotional Plea Amidst Legal Struggles

During a recent broadcast, Alex Jones made vehement declarations about conspiracies to dismantle his enterprise. “At the end of the day, we’re going to beat these people. These people hate our children,” Jones stated, showcasing his typical fiery rhetoric that has often landed him in the crosshairs of public and legal scrutiny.

Christopher Mattei, representing the Sandy Hook families, criticized Jones during the proceedings. Mattei accused him of “manufacturing a crisis” about the potential closure of his network, suggesting that Jones' dramatic pronouncements were a distraction from the real issues at stake.

Jones also alluded to possessing confidential documents and railed against what he described as a "Deep State" agenda against him. Despite the financial woes and the bankruptcy reorganization of his company, Free Speech Systems, Jones has remained a defiant figure. He has not yet paid any portion of the over one billion dollars owed to the Sandy Hook families, further complicating the ongoing legal saga.

Continued Operations Amidst Financial Turmoil

According to recent financial disclosures, Infowars and its parent company, Free Speech Systems, reported significant cash reserves and earnings in April. The company had nearly $4 million in cash and amassed $3.2 million in revenue, mainly from its sale of dietary supplements and branded clothing.

These financial revelations come at a critical juncture for Jones, whose financial integrity and business practices have been under intense scrutiny following the substantial legal judgments against him. The continuation of Infowars’ operations ensures that the company’s financial activities remain under the judicial microscope as further court proceedings loom.

Christopher Mattei voiced his concerns during the legal hearings, hinting at the gravity of the situation and the ongoing battle to hold Jones accountable. Mattei’s poignant observations reflect the case's broader implications, touching on themes of truth, accountability, and the impact of misinformation.


In conclusion, the future of Alex Jones's Infowars hangs in the balance as legal battles unfold. Judge Lopez's recent ruling permits the company to operate for another two weeks, delaying immediate shutdown. This development is a reprieve for Jones, who faces significant legal and financial challenges ahead.

The upcoming hearing on June 14 will likely provide further direction on the fate of Jones' assets and his ability to continue his controversial broadcasts. Meanwhile, the Sandy Hook families persist in their pursuit of justice and compensation, awaiting the outcomes that may finally hold Jones accountable for his actions.

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