Judge Engoron Under Investigation Amid Trump Fraud Case

 May 13, 2024

Judge Arthur Engoron, who delivered a pivotal $454 million judgment against former President Donald Trump, is now the center of an ethics investigation. This scrutiny stems from Engoron's alleged unauthorized discussion with a lawyer before his ruling.

According to a Conservative Brief report, Engoron allegedly discussed the matter with New York real estate lawyer Adam Leitman Bailey.

This conversation reportedly violated the New York State Rules of Judicial Conduct, prohibiting judges from discussing ongoing cases outside the court.

In a televised interview, Adam Leitman Bailey claimed to have approached Judge Engoron to discuss the potential economic impact of the case on New York.

Bailey expressed:

I actually could speak to him three weeks ago. I saw him in the corner [at the courthouse] and I told my client, ‘I need to go.’ And I walked over and we started talking … I wanted him to know what I think and why…I want him to get it right.

Legal Implications and Trump’s Appeal

Following this exchange, Judge Engoron issued his judgment against Trump, causing immediate uproar within both legal and economic circles. Despite the controversial communication, Engoron's spokesman asserted that the conversation uninfluenced the verdict.

The judgment triggered multiple legal responses, including an attempt by Trump's team, led by principal lawyer Chris Kise, to challenge the interpretation of fraud used in the ruling.

"The case raises serious legal and constitutional questions regarding ‘fraud’ claims/findings without any actual fraud," stated Kise.

Series of Events Leading to Investigation

The case originated with Attorney General Letitia James of New York suing Trump in September 2022. She accused him of inflating the value of his assets to secure loans. Subsequently, in September 2022, Engoron found Trump liable for fraud, which initiated the revocation of several business licenses.

By October of the same year, an appeals court stayed the ruling, which later, in February 2024, culminated in the judgment against Trump. Reports of Engoron being under investigation emerged in May 2024 following the questionable interaction between the judge and Bailey.

The timeline further includes a reduction of the bond required for Trump to appeal the judgment by an appeals court in March 2024. This was closely followed by assertions in April that Trump would contest the legal interpretation of fraud.

Spokespersons for both Engoron and Trump have remained firm on their stances. Engoron’s team insists the decision was entirely his, formed independently and meticulously, reflecting a careful judicial process.


Judge Arthur Engoron, who ruled a $454 million judgment against Donald Trump, faces an ethics investigation for allegedly discussing the case with lawyer Adam Leitman Bailey. This conversation may have violated judicial conduct rules, but Engoron's team asserts it did not influence the verdict.

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