Judge Dismisses Three Civil Counts Against Trump

 January 3, 2024

A federal judge has made a pivotal ruling in a notable legal decision.

A federal judge has dismissed several civil counts against former President Donald Trump related to the January 6 Capitol riots.

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta, in a meticulous 12-page ruling, has narrowed the legal battle for Sandra Garza, the grieving partner of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. Officer Sicknick tragically passed away following the Capitol riots, with his death becoming a symbol of the day's violence. Garza's lawsuit, which targeted Trump, Julian Khater, and George Tanios, aimed to hold them accountable for wrongful death and other allegations.

Legal Implications of the Dismissal

The dismissal by Judge Mehta pertains to three of five civil counts brought forward by Garza. While the wrongful death act and negligence per se allegations have been set aside, the litigation is far from over. The surviving claims under D.C.'s Survival Act and the conspiracy to violate civil rights charges indicate a continuing legal challenge for the former President and his co-defendants.

The D.C. Survival Act plays a crucial role in this legal narrative, granting legal representatives the right to pursue action on behalf of the deceased. Garza, represented by attorney Mark Zaid, is determined to seek justice for Officer Sicknick through these remaining legal avenues. Zaid's expression of possibly deposing former President Trump highlights the potential for future contentious legal proceedings.

The fact that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick joined the force in July 2008 only adds a layer of tragedy to his untimely death following the events that unfolded during the Capitol riots. The medical assessment by the D.C. medical examiner concluded that Officer Sicknick's death was due to natural causes—specifically, strokes—that were nonetheless influenced by the riot's events. This medical conclusion complicates the legal landscape of attributing liability for his death.

The Ongoing Struggle for Accountability

Former President Trump is no stranger to legal scrutiny, with multiple challenges regarding his alleged role in the Capitol riot still looming. A federal appeals court recently undercut his defense by rejecting his claim of presidential immunity in relation to civil claims stemming from the riot. This sets a precedent that even those who have held the highest office are not beyond the reach of judicial review.

The chaotic scenes from January 6, 2021, where Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, continue to reverberate through the nation's judicial systems. As investigations and legal repercussions unfold, the nation watches closely, with many Americans seeking closure and accountability for the events of that day. The legal proceedings against Trump and others serve as a reminder of the enduring impact of those few hours on the fabric of American democracy.

Mark Zaid, representing Sandra Garza, has clarified that their quest for justice is far from over. His words reflect the determination to keep seeking answers:

We are pleased to see that our lawsuit in pursuit of justice for the late Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick... has been permitted to continue. We are now considering our next step options, to include deposing former President Trump.


The legal saga surrounding the aftermath of the Capitol riots continues to evolve. Here are the salient points of this unfolding story:

  • A federal judge has dismissed three out of five civil counts against former President Donald Trump in a lawsuit filed by Sandra Garza.
  • Garza, seeking justice for the late Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, faces a narrowed but ongoing legal battle.
  • The remaining claims under D.C.'s Survival Act and conspiracy to violate civil rights charges are still in play, with potential depositions ahead.
  • Despite the dismissal of some counts, Trump's legal challenges persist as courts reject his claim of presidential immunity.

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