Judge Cuts Off Fani Willis' Lawyer During Hearing

By Robert Cunningham, updated on January 23, 2024

A high-profile legal drama unfolds beyond the courtroom.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis becomes entangled in controversy amidst a delayed deposition and affair allegations.

Judge Postpones Willis's Deposition

In the legal arena, schedules, and subpoenas often collide. For Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, a subpoena for a deposition in a divorce case became a point of contention.

The deposition was delayed by Judge Henry Thompson, who decided to wait until special prosecutor Nathan Wade, the other party involved in the alleged affair, was questioned.

Willis's attorney, Cinque Axam, argued that her client's heavy workload, including the significant Georgia election interference case, should exempt her from the deposition. Axam cited Willis's management of a large team and a multitude of cases as reasons for the delay. The judge, however, seemed more interested in whether Willis held any unique knowledge pertinent to the divorce case.

Controversy Surrounds Special Prosecutor

The controversy extends into the political sphere as well. The alleged affair between Willis and Wade, whom she hired for the high-profile case against former President Trump, has sparked debates and scrutiny.

Evidence presented by Joycelyn Wade's attorney includes plane tickets bought by Nathan Wade for Willis, hinting at a romantic relationship.

Trump and his supporters have seized upon the scandal. They question the integrity of the election interference case and Wade's credibility. The professional stakes are high, with the investigation's outcome hanging in the balance.

Trump Case's Wide Legal Impact

The case's implications ripple out into wider legal and political territories. While the affair allegations are personal in nature, they have the potential to impact the professional lives of those involved. The outcome of this controversy could shape the public's trust in the legal proceedings against Trump.

Axam's statement before the court emphasized the breadth of Willis's responsibilities:

[Willis] manages a staff of 360 plus lawyers and staff. She oversees … 20,000 open cases. She coordinates, on a monthly basis, at least 500 hundred or more cases... Of course, the most recognizable issue is she’s dealing with the Fulton County election interference involving former President Trump.

Judge Henry Thompson, however, cut to the heart of the legal matter, asking:

Let me interrupt you. Let me ask you just to focus on the part of the law that says the proposed opponent lacks unique personal knowledge of any matter that’s relevant. Are you saying that your client lacks unique personal knowledge that could not be discovered in some other way?

Allegations and Legal Proceedings Intertwined

The intersection of Willis's professional duties and personal life has become a spectacle. Her involvement in thousands of open cases, including the Trump election interference case, adds to the gravity of her situation. Judge Thompson's decision to delay Willis's deposition reflects the balancing act between personal matters and the public interest.

This delay in deposition is not merely a calendar conflict. It is an intersection of legal, personal, and political threads, each with its own set of consequences. The allegations against Willis and Wade, set against the backdrop of an investigation that could alter the political landscape, make for a story of intrigue and potential fallout.


The controversy surrounding Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade has added a layer of drama to the already tense Georgia election interference case. Willis's deposition in Wade's divorce hearing has been delayed as her lawyer argues her pressing commitments, including overseeing a massive number of legal cases and staff.

Evidence of an affair, presented in the form of plane tickets and credit card statements, has muddied the waters, leading to political attacks on the election case's credibility.

The fallout from this affair allegation could have significant implications for the legal and political landscape, not least of which is the public's trust in the integrity of high-stakes legal proceedings.

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