Johnson Staffer Steps Down Amid Performance Issues

 May 18, 2024

Anang Mittal, a key staffer in House Speaker Mike Johnson's team, has resigned under challenging circumstances.

According to Breitbart, Anang Mittal's departure as Head of Digital for Speaker Mike Johnson was prompted by critiques of his professional conduct and performance.

Anang Mittal, previously acclaimed for his digital strategy expertise, found himself the subject of workplace complaints that culminated in his resignation. Before his recent role, Mittal was known for his contributions as creative director for top Republican figures such as Senator Mitch McConnell and in the Senate Republican Conference under Senator John Thune.

Previous Performance Records Called Into Question

Mittal's skills were once highly regarded across various high-profile political offices before concerns arose about his performance in Speaker Johnson's office.

The dissatisfaction regarding his professional behavior and overall performance was formally presented to him on a Thursday, setting the stage for his subsequent departure.

Soon after the allegations surfaced, Mittal decided to resign. His departure from Johnson's team is not isolated, following another resignation by a graphic designer last month from the same office.

Johnson's Office Maintains Silence on Staff Issues

Consistent with their policy, Speaker Mike Johnson's office has remained silent on the matter, avoiding comments on personnel developments. Media attempts to glean more details or comments from Raj Shah, a spokesperson for Speaker Johnson, were met without response, leaving the public to conjecture about the internal affairs of Johnson's office.

Despite the professional setbacks, Anang Mittal expressed a reserved yet positive sentiment towards his tenure with the Speaker's team.

After stepping down, Mittal shared, "I’m just picking up the pieces and moving on. Don’t have a lot to offer or any criticism. It was a pleasure and honor working there." The sequence of events has stirred interest in the operational dynamics within Speaker Johnson's office, especially given the proximity of two high-profile resignations.


Staff turnover at such levels of governance can influence perceptions of administrative stability and effectiveness, making Mittal’s and the former graphic designer's departures noteworthy.

This trend of personnel changes, if continued, could encourage deeper investigation and analysis of leadership and management styles within high political offices, particularly those as influential as the Speaker of the House.

The full context and implications of these resignations remain obscured by the office's policy on non-disclosure on personnel matters, leaving the public and media to speculate based on the limited available information.

Anang Mittal's resignation, preceded by a series of performance-related complaints, and the departure of another digital team member within a close timeframe, draws attention to the inner workings and pressures inherent in the teams supporting top-tier political leadership. The pattern observed in Speaker Johnson's office could suggest broader dynamics at play, which are yet to be fully disclosed or addressed by those involved. With the office remaining tight-lipped, the political and public speculation is likely to continue, underscoring the delicate balance of transparency and confidentiality in political operations.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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