Johnson Defends Vote To Formalize Biden Impeachment Inquiry

 December 12, 2023

House Speaker Mike Johnson staunchly defended the upcoming vote to initiate an impeachment inquiry into President Biden in a significant political development. This move marks a critical juncture in the ongoing investigations into the President's activities.

The inquiry, set to be formalized this week, aims to investigate President Biden's alleged involvement in his son Hunter's business dealings, signaling a major escalation in the ongoing political tensions.

House Republicans are gearing up for a pivotal vote that could shape the political landscape. This vote, however, is not a direct step towards impeachment but rather a measure to formalize the inquiry process. It seeks to provide a stronger legal framework for the investigation, particularly in enforcing subpoenas.

Investigative Focus on Biden's Alleged Involvement

The core of the inquiry revolves around President Biden's purported role in his son's business ventures. Allegations of impropriety have fueled this investigative push, with Republicans seeking clarity and accountability.

Amidst these developments, the White House has been accused of hindering the investigation. The administration's refusal to allow witnesses and block access to documents has intensified the call for a more structured inquiry process.

Adding to the tension, the Justice Department has recently barred the testimony of two key attorneys before the House Judiciary Committee. This move has raised questions about the transparency and cooperation of the current administration with the congressional inquiry.

Strategic Vote to Strengthen Inquiry Process

While the impending vote does not equate to an impeachment, it signifies a crucial step in the investigation. The goal is to put the House in a more advantageous position to defend its inquiries in court, should the need arise.

House Speaker Mike Johnson emphasized the constitutional responsibility of the House in this matter. He clarified that the decision to proceed with the vote is rooted in legal obligations, not political motivations.

Johnson’s statements reflect a commitment to a thorough and fair process. He contrasted the current approach with the previous impeachment of President Trump, which he termed a "sham" and politically motivated.

Commitment to the Rule of Law and Objectivity

Johnson reiterated the importance of following the rule of law and not prejudging the outcome of the investigation. His comments underscore a desire to maintain objectivity and legal rigor throughout the inquiry process.

House Majority Whip Rep. Tom Emmer also highlighted the strategic necessity of the vote. By passing this resolution, the House aims to enforce its subpoenas effectively and establish a clear process for the investigation.

"It's clear the House will have to defend our lawful investigations in court, and passing this resolution will put us in the best position possible to enforce our subpoenas and set forth a clear process. As we have said numerous times before, voting in favor of an impeachment inquiry does not equal impeachment. We will continue to follow the facts wherever they lead."

Timeline of Events and Future Prospects

The vote, scheduled for this week, is the culmination of ongoing investigations by various House committees into the Biden family's business dealings. The White House and other agencies have so far been non-compliant with these investigations, leading to the current push for a formalized inquiry.

Post-vote, the committees will continue their investigations, now bolstered by the ability to enforce subpoenas more effectively. This development could have significant implications for the political landscape ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Looking ahead, the House may consider a formal impeachment vote in spring 2024. This decision, however, will depend on the findings and progress of the ongoing investigations.


The upcoming vote and the investigations it supports represent a pivotal moment in American politics. The focus on legal procedures and the rule of law highlights the significance of this process in maintaining political accountability.

  • House vote this week to formalize impeachment inquiry into President Biden.
  • Investigations focus on Biden’s alleged involvement in son Hunter Biden’s business dealings.
  • White House accused of impeding investigation; Justice Dept blocks testimony of attorneys.
  • Vote aims to strengthen the ability to enforce subpoenas and defend inquiries in court.
  • Possible impeachment vote decision in spring 2024 ahead of the presidential election.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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