Joe Reportedly Will Pardon Son Hunter

 December 15, 2023

Hunter Biden has defied a congressional subpoena in a striking turn of events.

Hunter Biden's decision to ignore a congressional subpoena has sparked a whirlwind of political and legal repercussions, potentially affecting the presidency and the upcoming election.

Hunter's public statement on Wednesday, believed to be crafted by his legal team, has raised eyebrows across the political spectrum. He used the platform to assert his innocence and to attack his political adversaries, describing his actions as a response to a "political witch hunt." This defiance comes amidst several federal charges and criminal indictments against him.

Contempt of Congress Proceedings Loom Over Hunter Biden

House Republicans, responding to Hunter's actions, are expected to initiate contempt of Congress proceedings. Such measures could lead to significant legal battles and intensify the scrutiny of the Biden family. Hunter's controversial press conference in Washington, D.C., was marked by a notable change in his demeanor compared to his previous public appearances.

During the press conference, Hunter discussed his father's lack of financial involvement in his business dealings. “Let me state as clearly as I can: My father was not financially involved in my business,” Hunter said. This statement, however, contrasts evidence from other sources indicating President Biden's potential involvement.

Hunter's business history, including a lucrative position with Burisma, has been under intense scrutiny, especially in relation to actions taken by his father while serving as Vice President. These investigations have also extended to Hunter's failure to pay taxes and child support, with reports of lavish spending on personal indulgences instead.

The Artwork Scandal and Academic Achievements Highlighted

Another aspect of Hunter's recent activities that has attracted attention is his venture into artwork. The White House's role in concealing the identity of buyers of his artwork has been debated. Hunter also took the opportunity at the press conference to flaunt his academic achievements and board memberships, possibly as a strategy to counter the negative press.

Amidst these developments, Hunter anticipates a presidential pardon from his father for any potential convictions. This expectation has raised questions about the fairness of the justice system, especially considering the Biden family's political standing.

President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, and Hunter together at a Fourth of July event further highlights the family's united front in the face of these challenges.

Potential Impeachment Inquiry Against President Biden

The possibility of a presidential pardon for Hunter is stirring discussions about a two-tier justice system and its potential impact on the upcoming election. In this situation, a presidential pardon could be seen as a misuse of power, reflecting poorly on the administration.

Further complicating matters is the potential impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Such an inquiry could lead to access to sensitive documents and significantly affect public opinion. Current polls suggest that a majority of voters support an impeachment inquiry, with many believing that President Biden may have committed a crime about Hunter's business dealings.

The media has extensively documented Hunter Biden's personal expenditures and legal issues, fueling public discourse on these matters. This coverage, alongside discussions of a two-tier justice system, underscores the political implications of Hunter's actions and their potential impact on his father's presidency.


  • Hunter Biden defied a congressional subpoena, triggering potential legal and political ramifications.
  • His press conference in Washington, D.C., was marked by a strong defense of his actions and attacks on his political opponents.
  • House Republicans may initiate contempt of Congress proceedings against him.
  • There is a growing concern over Hunter's potential presidential pardon and its implications on justice and the upcoming election.
  • The possibility of an impeachment inquiry against President Biden could reshape the political landscape.

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