Joe Manchin Names Potential Running Mates As Rumors Swirl Of Third Party Ticket

By Victor Winston, updated on February 15, 2024

Sen. Joe Manchin opens up about a potential third-party presidential run in a move that has electrified the political landscape.

Sen. Joe Manchin has broached the idea of teaming with either Sen. Mitt Romney or former Sen. Rob Portman for a third-party bid for the presidency, signaling a growing dissatisfaction with the current political divide.

During a breakfast forum hosted by the City Club of Cleveland, Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, intrigued an audience of about 150 attendees with his vision of a third-party candidacy. The event, steered by City Club CEO Dan Moulthrop, provided a stage for Manchin to field questions about his political future, stirring speculation with every answer.

Manchin's remarks come at a time when his "listening tour" has already sparked discussions about his potential bid for the presidency, reflecting his ongoing critique of the partisanship that grips Washington.

Manchin Eyes Bipartisan Ticket for 2024

"Hypothetically, if I was picking my running mate… really, who I would ask right now is Mitt Romney," Manchin said, highlighting his preference for a bipartisan approach to governance. "Maybe Rob Portman would be right there, too. Rob is a dear friend of mine. What a good man, what a good man." This statement personifies Manchin's appeal for a centrist path, aiming to bridge the divisive political landscape that currently characterizes American politics.

Manchin and Romney have announced they will not pursue re-election to the Senate in 2024, freeing them up for other potential political endeavors. Their decisions underscore a shared discontent with the prevailing political environment, marked by extreme partisanship and a deadlock in governance. This has led to speculation about their futures and the possibility of a third-party ticket.

Manchin's Nonprofit Spearheads Call for Unity

In parallel with Manchin's political maneuvers, his daughter, Heather Manchin, has launched a nonprofit organization named "Americans Together." This nonprofit targets the polarization eating away at the country's political system and calls for bipartisan cooperation. Its campaign against extremism in politics emphasizes the common ground shared by Americans and urges politicians to prioritize the country over the party.

We stand against extremism in politics. It has taken over our political system and taken away our voice. As proud Americans, we agree on more than we disagree. We demand that our politicians put the country before the party to get things done. Enough is enough.

Manchin's critique of the political establishments represented by President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump underscores his positioning as a centrist. His ambition to gather moderate voters under the banner of "Americans Together" reflects a deep-seated belief that the country can find a middle path forward.

Manchin's decision timeline coincides with Super Tuesday, suggesting a pivotal moment in his political career. "Super Tuesday pretty much confirms whatever is going to happen, what we believe will happen, and we'll see where we go from there," Manchin remarked, hinting that the outcomes of that day could significantly influence his decision regarding a presidential run.

A Potential Third-Party Challenge in 2024

As the political landscape warms up for the 2024 presidential election, the possibility of a Manchin-led third-party ticket cannot be dismissed lightly. His considerations of Romney and Portman as potential running mates signal a serious contemplation of this path. However, Manchin's repeated insistence that his efforts are aimed at getting people involved rather than running for a specific office adds an element of uncertainty to his political future.

"Guys, listen, I’m not running for anything. I’m running to try to get people involved," Manchin stated, positioning himself more as a catalyst for change rather than a traditional candidate seeking office. This approach, coupled with the efforts of "Americans Together," represents an attempt to recalibrate the political discourse in the United States.

Sen. Joe Manchin has floated the idea of a potential third-party presidential run with a bipartisan ticket, signaling dissatisfaction with the current political climate. Through his "listening tour" and the formation of "Americans Together" by his daughter, Manchin is advocating for a centrist approach that appeals to moderate voters. With both he and Romney stepping away from Senate re-election bids and Manchin's decision potentially hinging on Super Tuesday outcomes, the political arena watches closely for his next move.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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