Joe Biden’s Brother Told IRS That Hunter Was In Business With ‘Protege’ Of Chinese President

By Victor Winston, updated on March 2, 2024

Amidst an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, his brother Jim Biden provided testimony that Hunter Biden claimed to have business dealings with a protege of Chinese President Xi, alongside denials of certain financial transactions and meetings involving the Biden family and Chinese entities.

Jim Biden, in his testimony, clarified that Hunter Biden described his business partner, Ye Jianming—chairman of the Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC and a figure arrested in China for fraud—as a "protege of the Chinese Communist Party chairman."

Jim Biden suggested that his reference to Ye as such was perhaps ill-advised, emphasizing the informal nature of their relationship, rather than a formal business partnership. This clarification stands in stark contrast to the portrayal of a strong business bond between Hunter Biden and Ye Jianming.

The Intricacies of International Business Ties

During the proceedings, Jim Biden also refuted claims about a supposed meeting between Joe Biden, himself, Hunter Biden, and business associate Tony Bobulinski. He stated, albeit with some contradiction, that while he may have had interactions with Bobulinski alongside Hunter, Joe Biden was never a part of such discussions. This denial directly contradicts statements made by both Hunter Biden and Bobulinski, adding layers of complexity to the narrative.

Jim Biden's involvement with Zang Jianjun, described as Chairman Ye’s lieutenant, was elaborated on during his testimony. He offered assistance to Zang in personal capacities, such as securing a U.S. visa and finding housing and schooling in New York City. Jim Biden characterized these actions as gestures of personal kindness, underlining that any assistance provided was not indicative of a quid pro quo relationship with the Chinese businessmen.

Jim Biden strongly denied the assertion that the Biden family received money from China. This stance is critical, as such allegations are central to the scrutiny and conjecture surrounding the Biden family's international dealings. By categorizing CEFC as a private company and not an entity directly representing the Chinese government, Jim asserts a separation from the political implications of these financial transactions.

A Web of Denials and Assertions

In response to questions regarding bank records, which showed him writing checks totaling $240,000 to Joe Biden, allegedly to repay a loan, Jim Biden expressed skepticism about the nature of these transactions. He indicated that the depiction of these financial dealings might not fully encapsulate the reality of their relationship and the reasons behind such transactions. Moreover, Jim Biden disputed claims that he had used Joe Biden’s name to advance his business interests, specifically with Americore and other entities, labeling such allegations as ridiculous.

Jim Biden also shared insights into his relationship with Hunter Biden, noting a bond strengthened by shared experiences, particularly in overcoming challenges related to alcohol. This personal anecdote provides a glimpse into the private lives of the Biden family, contextualizing their public personas within a frame of resilience and mutual support, The Daily Wire reported.

Regarding his willingness to leverage his familial connection to Joe Biden in business dealings, Jim Biden was unequivocal in his denial. These denials, amidst a varied tapestry of assertions and contradictions, underscore the complexities inherent in the interactions and transactions involving the Biden family and Chinese entities.


Jim Biden's testimony to congressional committees has unveiled a nuanced and contested narrative regarding the Biden family's business engagements with Chinese entities and individuals.

Amid an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, these revelations stir a complex brew of political, personal, and financial intrigues.

Jim Biden's emphatic denials of certain financial transactions and meetings, juxtaposed with his admission of Hunter Biden's claimed business relationship with a high-profile Chinese individual, sketch a contentious and intricate picture of international dealings that continue to fuel debate and scrutiny.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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