Joe Biden Used Sandy Hook Memorial To Arrange Secret Meeting With Chinese Business Partners

 May 28, 2024

Hunter Biden utilized a Sandy Hook memorial service to coordinate a meeting between his father, Joe Biden, and Chinese business partners from CEFC.

Daily Mail reported that this arrangement was revealed through texts released by Congress, showcasing Hunter Biden's efforts to leverage his father's influence for business dealings with a Chinese company.

Hunter Biden communicated with Liu Yadong, a top executive at Chinese oil giant CEFC, on December 12, 2017. The communication aimed to arrange a meeting with Joe Biden, which was planned to coincide with Joe Biden's trip to New York for the Sandy Hook memorial service.

Joe Biden's Involvement Highlighted In Texts

Hunter Biden expressed his intention for Joe Biden to meet Liu Yadong and his uncle, Jim Biden. Liu Yadong confirmed his availability for the meeting. These texts are part of documents given to the House Ways and Means Committee by IRS agents.

Liu Yadong ran a sham charity for CEFC, funneling bribes to foreign officials. Patrick Ho, who was associated with the charity, was convicted of bribery in 2018.

In July 2017, Hunter Biden demanded adherence to a $10 million deal with CEFC. He indicated his father's involvement in these dealings. In November 2017, Hunter Biden also set up a group text on WhatsApp with Joe Biden and Jim Biden.

Documents Reveal Ongoing Negotiations

The House Ways and Means Committee released a photo of Liu Yadong's business card. Joe Biden attended the Sandy Hook memorial at the Plaza Hotel in New York in December 2017. Hunter Biden's texts suggested ongoing negotiations and financial expectations with CEFC.

The documents released are separate from information obtained from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop. The Sandy Hook school shooting anniversary was commemorated at the Plaza Hotel, attended by Joe Biden and singer Sheryl Crow.

Allegations and Congressional Investigation

Hunter Biden's text to CEFC official Runlong Zhao indicated urgency. "I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled," Hunter wrote. Hunter Biden lied about the recipient of a WhatsApp message sent to threaten a business associate and demand payment, according to committee chairman Jason Smith.

"In the message, Hunter Biden twice mentioned he was with his father. In the deposition, Hunter Biden sought to dismiss the message, claiming that he was either 'high or drunk' when he sent it, and in that state, had sent it to the wrong Zhao, and not actually the one affiliated with the Chinese energy company, CEFC," Smith added.

Implications Of Hunter Biden's Communications

However, phone records in front of the Committee showed Hunter Biden sent the message to the correct Chinese businessman. This businessman, named Raymond Zhao, was affiliated with CEFC and knew exactly what Hunter Biden was talking about. The revelation raises concerns about the extent of Joe Biden's involvement.

The texts highlight the potential misuse of Joe Biden's position for personal business gains. This situation adds to the ongoing scrutiny of Hunter Biden's business activities and their implications for his father's political career.

In summary, Hunter Biden's actions during a Sandy Hook memorial service revealed significant efforts to use his father's influence for business purposes. His communications with Chinese executives and the subsequent investigation by Congress underscore the complex web of relationships and negotiations involved. As investigations continue, the public remains focused on the potential impact on Joe Biden's reputation and political standing.

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