Joe Biden Ignores National Security By Joining TikTok

 February 13, 2024

President Joe Biden takes an unconventional leap in an era where social media's influence on politics cannot be overstated.

President Biden has created a TikTok account to connect with younger voters, where he shares videos that humorously address NFL controversies and other subjects.

Super Bowl Sunday: A Strategic Launch on TikTok

Uploaded on a Sunday during the highly anticipated Super Bowl LVIII, President Biden's debut on TikTok under the handle @bidenhq marked a significant moment.  Answering various questions in the backdrop of one of America's most watched events, President Biden didn't just talk sports; he subtly wove in elements that appealed to the younger electorate.

In a move that could only be described as audacious, the President poked fun at a conspiracy involving Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and the championship, using it as a springboard to subtly discuss his re-election ambitions. The video even featured the "Dark Brandon" meme, an internet sensation that depicts Biden with glowing red eyes, symbolizing a powerful, almost anti-hero persona that trolls conservative critics.

Before delving deeper into the President's TikTok venture, it is crucial to underscore the context under which this digital foray occurs. Despite TikTok's immense popularity among the youth, the app has been banned on U.S. government devices due to national security worries. Additionally, there have been ongoing concerns about President Biden's age and occasional gaffes. Public opinion polls have suggested a significant portion of the electorate harbors doubts about his suitability for the presidency, largely due to age.

The Political TikTok Dividend Amidst Controversy

According to some surveys, the TikTok initiative comes at a time when President Biden seemingly trails behind his predecessor, Donald Trump, among younger voters. By engaging directly with this demographic on a platform they frequent, the President aims to bridge this gap, using his characteristic humor and relatability.

This strategic social media endeavor doesn't come without its share of irony. Only last Thursday, an incident where President Biden mistakenly referred to the Egyptian President as "the president of Mexico" after a report by Special Counsel Robert Hur made headlines, highlighting the gaffes that have fueled skepticism about his age and mental acuity.

The contrast between the President's humorous, self-aware presence on TikTok and these moments of confusion presents a unique charm offensive. It's a calculated risk aimed at making the President more relatable to a demographic that values authenticity and humor, albeit within the confines of a platform scrutinized for security concerns.

Here's the President's humorous retort to an aide during his Super Bowl-themed TikTok video:

Two great quarterbacks. It’s hard to decide, but if I didn’t say I was for the Eagles, then I’d be sleeping alone. My wife’s a Philly girl.

A Digital Strategy Amid Traditional Campaigning

This digital outreach is a testament to the evolving dynamics of political campaigning, where traditional methods are increasingly supplemented (or even superseded) by social media engagements. While concerns over national security and the President's age persist, his foray into TikTok represents a broader trend of politicians seeking to connect with a younger, more digitally native audience.

The choice of TikTok as a platform is particularly notable. Despite its popularity with younger users, the app's Chinese origins and the recent ban on U.S. government devices make Biden's account a bold move. This initiative underscores a willingness to engage with voters on their terms, leveraging platforms where they spend significant time.

President Biden's TikTok debut amidst the Super Bowl festivities reflects a strategic attempt to connect with younger voters through humor and relatability. Despite controversies surrounding his age and the app, this move illustrates an adaptation to the changing landscape of political engagement and digital communication. President Biden aims to soften his public image and appeal directly to a demographic critical for his re-election campaign by embracing popular culture and internet memes.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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