Jimmy Failla's Biden Parody Video Strikes Viral Chord

 May 18, 2024

Comedian Jimmy Failla's latest creation, a parody music video mocking President Joe Biden's missteps, has caught the internet's attention.

According to Daily Mail, the video sets President Biden's public stumbles to Tom Petty's iconic track "Free Fallin'."

Failla, a host on FOX News, initially shared this video on Instagram in February 2024, but it surged in popularity following a tweet by the conservative radio host Dan Bongino this May.

Capturing various incidents where President Biden, now 81, tripped or fell, the video spans occurrences from March 2021 to as recently as October 2023. Moreover, the president's staff has reportedly been taking extra safety measures to help prevent such missteps due to his mobility challenges.

Artistic Choices in the Parody Add Humor and Critique

The parody is humorously accredited to "Joe Biden & the Alzheimers" and is part of an album named "The More You Joe" by "C'Mon Man Records." \

Such satirical choices underscore the video's comedic and critical tone regarding the president's gaffes.

Jimmy Failla expressed his enthusiasm about the video's reception in a comment to DailyMail.com. He noted the appeal it had with viewers and teased more similar content in the future.

Understanding the Wider Impact of the Parody

While the video primarily aims to entertain, it does tap into ongoing discussions about the president's age and physical health, subjects that are frequently highlighted by his political opponents. During his presidency, incidents like falling off a bicycle in June 2022 and tripping on stage at a U.S. Air Force Academy graduation in June 2023 have fueled these conversations.

Failla tweeted following the recent wave of shares: "Biden's new campaign song is back on its feet after some big accounts shared it this morning. THANKS for the LUV! Here's the original we made for my show."

Following Failla's tweet, social media platforms and conservative circles prominently featured the video, illustrating its resonance within those communities.

The lyrics of the song play a significant part in its messaging, fraught with humor yet edged with critique. Some verses go as far as suggesting the president's incompetence, highlighting his verbal and navigational slip-ups within the confines of the White House.


Social media again proves to be a powerful tool for sharing political satire, allowing for a broad audience reach and swift dissemination of content. This enhances public discourse, albeit in a humorous format, providing a platform for discussion or, at times, polarization.

Jimmy Failla's parody video "Keeps Falling" leverages humor and music to comment on President Joe Biden's public persona and physical missteps. As it circulates online, it not only entertains but also stirs discussion on the implications of aging in high office, reflecting on both the personal challenges and public perceptions that come with leadership.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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