Jill Biden Caught As ‘Work Husband’ Rumors Spiral Out Of Control

By Robert Cunningham, updated on March 18, 2024

Whispers of misconduct have pierced the sanctum of the First Lady's office.

An exclusive report from Fox News revealed shocking accusations against a top aide to the First Lady, Anthony Bernal, raising questions about the integrity of the professional environment within the Biden administration.

Anthony Bernal, who also serves as an assistant to President Joe Biden, finds himself at the center of a maelstrom of accusations from nearly a dozen current and former colleagues. These allegations include bullying and verbal sexual harassment—an unsettling narrative that challenges the administration's public commitment to decorum and respect.

Accusations of Harassment Surface

The charges were brought to light by an article in the New York Post, where anonymous staffers aired their grievances in the hope of accountability. The specifics of the allegations are troubling, with Bernal accused of making derogatory comments about the physical appearance of staffers and even delving into inappropriate observations about their personal lives. Some of these comments allegedly involved the correlation between thumb and penis size, raising serious questions about the nature of discourse behind closed doors.

It has been reported that some view Bernal as "untouchable," a testament to his close relationship with the First Lady. This perceived invulnerability contributes to a palpable tension within the administration, as the White House and First Lady's office have remained silent on the matter, offering no direct response or insights into any internal investigation that may be underway. Such silence is conspicuous, especially considering the gravity of the situation at hand and the administration's stated zero-tolerance policy for disrespect.

The Inner Circle Defends Bernal

Amid the tumult, several defenders have emerged from within Biden's inner circle, extolling Bernal's virtues. They paint a picture of a man whose dedication to public service and compassion toward his colleagues starkly contrasts the allegations. Ron Klain, Biden's former chief of staff, commended Bernal's professionalism and compassion, while others highlighted his generosity and leadership qualities.

"In the 20 years I've known him, I've never heard him make comments like the ones alleged—in fact, he's always been quite intentional and purposeful in making sure colleagues at every level feel valued and appreciated," one White House official stated, capturing the essence of the defense mounted by Bernal's supporters.

The White House official's praise suggests a dissonance between the public allegations and the private experiences of those within Bernal's professional sphere. Another former staffer in the First Lady's office echoed these sentiments, emphasizing Bernal's heart and commitment to the public. This chorus of support, while significant, does not directly address the specific allegations, leaving an air of unresolved tension.

The Administration's Stance and the President's Promise

President Biden has made it abundantly clear in the past that he has no tolerance for disrespect within his team, famously stating that anyone guilty of such behavior would be fired immediately. This strong stance sets a precedent that, in theory, should apply universally across his administration. The President's Chief of Staff, Jeff Zeints, indirectly addressed the issue with a statement of confidence in Bernal, which, while supportive, does not offer a resolution or clear path forward.

An underlying unease remains, as a former top Biden aide expressed surprise at the delay in these allegations surfacing. This individual suggested that the public revelation might empower others with similar experiences to come forward, indicating that this may only be the tip of the iceberg. The report of allegations against Bernal brings the workplace culture within the White House into sharp focus, challenging the Biden administration to reconcile its public face with the private experiences of its staff.

The administration's response, or lack thereof, will be closely watched as the story unfolds. The President's previous declaration against disrespectful behavior looms large over the proceedings:

I am not joking when I say this: if you are ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect or talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot. On the spot. No ifs, ands or buts.

Conclusion: Weighing the Evidence and Awaiting Answers

The accusations against Anthony Bernal paint a disconcerting picture of the professional environment in the Biden administration, particularly within the inner circle of the First Lady's office. The White House's silence on the matter is at odds with the President's previous declarations on workplace conduct.

Supporters of Bernal, including high-ranking officials and former staffers, have come to his defense, citing his long-standing professionalism and dedication to service. Yet, the gravity of the allegations and the administration's own stance on harassment and professionalism cannot be ignored. The events will test the administration's commitment to its professed values and the accountability of those in positions of power.

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