Jesse Watters Claims Trump Verdict Is Financial Assassination

By Victor Winston, updated on February 17, 2024

In a significant legal decision, a New York court has delivered a ruling that resonates far beyond its immediate sphere of influence.

A New York judge has mandated that former President Donald Trump pay fines exceeding $350 million and prohibited him from managing any business in New York for three years.

This consequence emerges from actions taken by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who initiated a lawsuit accusing Trump of engaging in deceptive business operations. The details of this case have sparked a wide range of discussions and analyses, particularly within political and legal circles.

A Legal Predicament with Political Overtones

Jesse Watters of Fox News Channel has been vocal in his critique of the ruling, highlighting its potential implications and questioning the motivations behind the lawsuit. According to Watters, the lawsuit represents a legal battle and a politically charged endeavor, given James's history and her visits to the Biden White House.

This case was decided by a single judge, Judge Engoron, a strange guy, but not as strange as these charges. They were brought by New York Attorney General, Letitia James who campaigned on fighting Trump, not crime. Remember, Letitia James visited the Biden White House three times. The woman brought a case that according to the Associated Press has never been brought in the history of the state.

The charges labeled against Trump involve serious allegations of misrepresenting valuable assets, such as the size of his penthouse and the value of Mar-a-Lago, to bolster his financial standing. Critics argue that these practices, while questionable, did not directly harm consumers, as there were no complaints from banks or Trump's customers.

Unraveling the Legal Strategy and its Implications

Yet, the implications of the ruling are profound. The appointment of an observer within the Trump Organization, tasked with monitoring for fraudulent activities, introduces a layer of oversight unprecedented in Trump's business dealings. This move, seen by some as invasive, aims to prevent potential misdeeds.

The legal landscape surrounding this case is complex. While an appellate court previously found that the majority of the case had passed the statute of limitations, expert commentators suggest that Trump may prevail in an appeal. This perspective views the legal action as not merely a pursuit of justice but as a strategic move against a prominent political figure.

A Divisive Outcome Reflecting a Polarized Society

This legal conflict highlights the deep divisions within society and their reflection in legal battles. Trump is portrayed as both a significant contributor, having paid millions in taxes and created thousands of jobs, and as a businessman who may have crossed legal lines.

In this scenario, no complaints were raised by banks or Trump's customers, suggesting the lawsuit aims to punish success rather than address actual harm. This view points to the controversial nature of Trump's legal and political issues.

The verdict against Trump carries significant financial consequences for him and could affect his future business activities in New York. Facing over $350 million in fines and a temporary prohibition on conducting business in the state, this outcome brings to light the clash between Trump's previous business methods and New York's legal expectations.

Legal experts and political analysts are keenly observing this case, particularly with expectations of an appeal. This situation is more than a dispute over business ethics; it's a manifestation of broader legal and political conflicts mirroring America's societal rifts.


This legal development involving Donald Trump is a pivotal moment that captures the intertwining of law, politics, and business. The significant financial penalty, the ban on business activities in New York, and the appointment of an observer within the Trump Organization all mark a remarkable chapter in Trump's post-presidential life. As the case proceeds, it will undoubtedly remain a focal point for discussions on justice, political influence, and the repercussions of business conduct in the public arena.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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