Jennifer Aniston Overwhelmed By Memories of 'Friends' and Matthew Perry

 June 7, 2024

In an interview, Jennifer Aniston recently revealed her emotional state after losing her longtime "Friends" co-star Matthew Perry.

During her interview with Quinta Brunson for Variety's "Actors on Actors" series, Jennifer Aniston expressed deep emotional turmoil triggered by memories of "Friends" and the recent passing of Matthew Perry, Fox News reported.

In the heartfelt conversation, Aniston recounted how watching episodes of "Friends," which celebrated its 30th anniversary, brought back deeply cherished memories and immense sadness due to Perry's absence. Perry died on October 28 due to complications involving ketamine and coronary artery disease, a sadness that has resonated deeply with those who knew him personally and fans worldwide.

Jennifer Aniston Remembers the Early Days With Fondness

The conversation turned emotional when Aniston began reminiscing about the show’s premiere in 1994. “It's so strange even to think that it's 30 years old because it just was – I remember the day that it was gonna premiere, on television, on NBC,” she recalled.

Aniston shared a humorous and poignant memory: "Me and Matthew Perry were having lunch somewhere, and we knew Lisa [Kudrow] was getting her hair colored. So, we ran into the hair salon, and I snuck up, and she was in the sink...and I took the nozzle and just started washing her hair from the guy that was supposed to be doing it." And it flew out of control, and that was unfortunate.”

Aniston described the moment's feelings as a mix of happiness from the show's long-time success and sadness due to Perry's absence. “But the excitement we had feels like yesterday,” she added.

The Cast: A Family Forever

During the interview, Aniston highlighted the robust familial bond the cast has maintained over the years. "I timed [Courteney Cox] last night for about an hour, and Lisa and the boys and I just have a really – it's a family forever," she stated, underscoring the deep connections the cast members still share.

Here’s what Jennifer Aniston expressed during a particularly emotional segment of the interview:

Oh God, don't make me cry! But you're already crying. Do you want a minute? We don't have to talk about [it]. Sorry, I just started thinking about...It's happy tears. Okay, and we're marching back!

Aniston's tears reflected joy and sadness as she navigated through her memories of Perry and the show that made them all stars.

Aniston's ability to laugh despite the tears showed her resilience and deep appreciation for the shared experiences with her co-stars, creating an unbreakable bond among them. “It's so strange even to think that it's 30 years old because it just was – I remember the day that it was gonna premiere, on television, on NBC,” she expressed.

Reflecting on the Show's Legacy

Aniston also acknowledged the lasting impact "Friends" has had on its audience, calling it "one of the greatest gifts" she and her co-stars could have ever imagined. “The fact that it's had this long, wonderful life and it still means a lot to people is one of the greatest gifts I think all … six of us ever – we never could have imagined,” she reflected.

Though tinged with sadness, the interview also served as a powerful reminder of the show's enduring legacy and the impact Perry had on his friends and fans.

In conclusion, Jennifer Aniston's interview was a poignant reflection on her connections with her "Friends" co-stars and the collective mourning following Matthew Perry's passing. Her memories, filled with joy and sadness, capture the essence of the close-knit relationships formed over decades, underscoring the bittersweet feelings surrounding the show’s 30th anniversary and Perry’s recent death.

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