JD Vance Denies Questions As Rumors Swirl About Being Trump’s VP

 December 11, 2023

Intrigue mounts as Senator JD Vance dodges a question about his vice-presidential aspirations.

Senator JD Vance evaded a direct response to queries about potentially serving as vice president under Donald Trump, instead expressing general support.

During a recent television interview, Vance's political future took center stage. CNN's Jake Tapper sought to clarify Vance's position following an Axios report suggesting he might be on Trump's vice-president shortlist. The conversation quickly turned to speculation about Vance's ambitions and loyalty to the former president.

Senator Vance's Response to Vice Presidential Speculation

When asked about his interest in the Vice Presidential position, Vance did not confirm nor deny his intentions. Instead, he expressed his willingness to support Trump, citing his belief in Trump's effectiveness as a former president.

Vance's support for Trump has been unwavering. He previously received Trump's endorsement for his Senate campaign in 2022, which proved successful.

Earlier this year, Vance publicly endorsed Trump's 2024 presidential run. He praised Trump's policies and noted his popularity among Republican voters.

Vance's Views on Trump's Leadership and Future

In his comments, Vance expressed confidence in Trump's potential second term. He dismissed the idea that Trump would drastically change or abuse his power if re-elected.

He dismissed the idea that Trump would behave radically different in a second term as "preposterous." Vance's comments show his strong conviction in Trump's consistent approach to leadership.

The interview with Vance occurred on CNN's "State of the Union," a platform where many political figures express their views.

Current Stage of the 2024 Presidential Campaign

While rumors about Trump's running mate continue, there has been no formal announcement from Trump regarding his choice. The 2024 presidential campaign is still in its early stages, leaving much to speculation.

Vance's comments come at a time of growing speculation and anticipation about Trump's potential running mate in the upcoming election.

It's important to note that Vance focuses on serving as a senator for Ohio, as he emphasized in his interview.

"Look, I was elected to be a senator for the people of Ohio. I think that’s the way that I’m most effective. But I’m going to help Trump however I can, because I think he was a good president. I think the American people will benefit from having him [as] president again.”

Vance's Endorsement of Trump for President

Vance has been vocal about his support for Trump, endorsing him for the 2024 election. He has highlighted Trump's past success and potential for future success as reasons for his endorsement.

According to Vance, the focus on Trump's past actions by Democrats indicates their lack of substantial issues to campaign on. He believes Republicans have a stronger platform.

Vance's support for Trump is rooted in his belief that Trump was an effective and successful president during his first term.

"He was an effective, successful president. I think he will be an effective, successful president again. That’s why I have endorsed him. And I think this desire to make the election all about the past is indicative of the fact that Democrats don’t have much to run on, and I think Republicans do."


The interview with Senator JD Vance has sparked discussions and speculation about the possibility of him being Trump's Vice Presidential pick. While Vance did not directly answer the question, his responses strongly align with Trump and his political philosophy.

  • Sen. Vance's potential role as VP under Trump remains a topic of speculation.
  • Vance's unwavering support for Trump is evident in his public endorsements and statements.
  • The 2024 presidential campaign is in its early stages, with many developments expected in the coming months.

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