James O'Keefe Unveils Alarming Video Alleging CIA Misconduct With Trump

 May 2, 2024

James O'Keefe's latest video release has rocked the intelligence community.

James O'Keefe of O'Keefe Media Group has released a provocative video alleging misconduct by U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA, against former President Donald Trump.

According to DML Report, the video features Amjad Fseisi, a contractor who claims that sensitive information was deliberately withheld from Trump, who was also allegedly under surveillance.

Details of the Alleged Intelligence Misconduct

The central figure in the video, Amjad Fseisi, is presented as a project manager in Cyber Operations for the CIA and an NSA contractor. He asserts that the CIA and NSA collaborated to keep information from Trump, branding him as a liability who might divulge sensitive data.

Fseisi admitted that the agencies not only withhold information but also monitor Trump's personal communications, including the use of burner phones and surveillance of his ex-wife.

These allegations suggest significant breaches of protocol and potential legal violations within U.S. intelligence operations. Fseisi also criticizes the internal operations of these agencies, describing a reluctance to share important security information across agency lines, particularly between the CIA and the NSA, which he labels as "careless."

Amjad Fseisi stated:

We monitor everything... We also have people that monitor his ex-wife. He likes to use burner phones. We steal it [information] and we hack other countries just like that.

CIA's Response and Legislative Reaction

Following the video's release, the CIA categorically denied the allegations, affirming its non-partisan role and commitment to providing intelligence support to all policymakers, regardless of political affiliation. The agency emphasized its focus on foreign intelligence and denied any monitoring of the former President.

The video has triggered political responses, notably from Representative Matt Gaetz, who has called for an immediate investigation by the Weaponization Subcommittee into the claims.

This could lead to significant examinations of the conduct and oversight of intelligence activities related to political figures.

Continued Coverage and Implications of the Release

The release by O'Keefe is part of a larger narrative involving earlier claims of illegal surveillance activities by U.S. intelligence agencies, particularly during the 2016 presidential campaign. These historical accusations and current allegations paint a picture of ongoing issues within the intelligence community that may require legislative and public scrutiny to address.

The situation remains fluid as both the political and intelligence communities react to the implications of these allegations. The forthcoming investigations and any corroborative findings could be pivotal in understanding the extent and nature of the alleged misconduct.

In summary, James O'Keefe's video has prompted serious allegations of improper conduct within the U.S. intelligence community, involving surveillance and withholding of information from President Donald Trump. These claims have led to calls for thorough investigations to ensure accountability and adherence to legal standards within intelligence operations.

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