James O’Keefe Exposes Trump Judge For Creeping On Women

 March 2, 2024

A storm brews in the media sphere following a new release by James O'Keefe. James O'Keefe’s latest video in his "On the Inside" series alleges inappropriate behavior by Judge Arthur Engoron at a Long Island gym.

New York City Judge Arthur Engoron, known for his significant legal action against Donald Trump, is at the center of controversy. O'Keefe’s video claims to reveal Engoron's unsettling conduct towards women at the Equinox gym in Great Neck. The allegations have sparked a wave of reactions, drawing attention to the judge’s activities beyond the courtroom.

Arthur Engoron, having recently imposed a hefty $354 million fine on Trump, has been a figure of public interest. However, this interest has shifted towards his personal life, particularly his behavior at a local gym. An anonymous clip accuses Engoron of being discomforting toward female gym-goers, indicating a pattern of unwelcome conduct.

O'Keefe personally visited the gym, where he encountered both recognition and curiosity. A gym-goer recognized O'Keefe, hinting at the probable context of his visit. O'Keefe then approached Engoron, feigning admiration for the judge's ruling against Trump.

Judge Engoron's Gym Behavior Raises Eyebrows

During the interaction, Arthur Engoron played off criticisms of his professional decisions, asserting his resilience in the face of adversity. He expressed that despite receiving numerous hate emails, his resolve remains unshaken. This revelation paints a picture of a public servant steadfast in his convictions amidst controversy, The Post Millenial reported.

An anonymous source detailed Engoron's gym interactions, noting a deliberate approach towards young women. The source painted a worrisome image of engagements that start seemingly innocuous but lead to evident discomfort. Arthur Engoron's demeanor post-verdict reportedly changed, with an anonymous gym-goer suggesting a newfound confidence in his posture. This observation opens further discourse on how public figures internalize and display their professional victories in personal spaces.

O'Keefe's call to document Engoron's behavior at the gym implies an ongoing investigation into the judge's actions. This appeal for more evidence underscores the serious nature of the allegations and suggests a broader interest in accountability for individuals in positions of power. Engoron's alleged actions and the subsequent media coverage serve as a reminder of the scrutiny public figures face. The debate over personal privacy versus public accountability continues to rage, with this incident adding fuel to the fire.

Arthur Engoron's interaction with a young woman, which reportedly ended with the woman's visible annoyance, has become a focal point of the discussion. This interaction, captured in O'Keefe’s video, offers a glimpse into the behavior that has raised concerns among gym-goers and the wider public.


These developments come in the wake of Engoron's significant legal ruling against Trump. The juxtaposition of a high-profile professional achievement with allegations of personal misconduct forms a complex narrative around Judge Engoron.

James O'Keefe's investigative effort sheds light on the delicate balance between public service and personal conduct. As the community and media digest these allegations, the conversation around ethics, power, and accountability grows more nuanced.

James O'Keefe's video has sparked a complex debate surrounding Judge Arthur Engoron, encompassing his landmark ruling against Donald Trump and allegations of inappropriate behavior. Responses to the allegations highlight societal tensions surrounding power, ethics, and the expectations placed on public figures. As this story unfolds, it seems poised to provoke further discourse on the boundaries of public and private lives, and the standards to which we hold those in positions of authority.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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